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Meta: Oculus Space Sense for VR is Coming to Avoid Knocking Off Furnitures, Colliding With Pets

Meta’s Oculus is releasing a new feature for its VR called “Space Sense”, and it would bring a safety function for everyone that uses the goggles, especially at home. Knocking over a special vase or lamp is a big no-no, especially at home or at another person’s place, and using the VR can help in avoiding those, even the innocent pets that are lying around.

Meta: Oculus Space Sense Feature is Coming to VR Tech

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Oculus Quest update

Oculus’ blog said that the VR experience that people would have is smarter and more aware, and with that, the company brings the Space Sense feature that it has recently released. The focus of this feature is to avoid collision or knocking over appliances that are around the home. VR tech will let a person feel the environment, and if it is not an open space, it might be dangerous.

The goal of Oculus is to make VR tech a more aware and safer experience for all, as it would provide a warning in the different obstacles that are present outside of the goggles. Moreover, the update of its features also includes different functions such as voice command, Android notification fixes, and the Passthrough API.

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Meta’s Oculus Space Sense

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VR devices

Facebook Connect 2021 brought Meta out of its shell and now becomes the company that brings the different products available to the public. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus, and of course, the upcoming metaverse.

Space Sense is a feature that follows VR’s revamp as a tool in the upcoming metaverse from Meta, something that would help in making the experience enjoyable without any risks or dangers that a person would face.

Oculus VR and the Metaverse

There is no denying that the Oculus VR is one of the top devices that would be used for Meta’s upcoming virtual world that remains unnamed. The metaverse by Meta (previously known as Facebook) would bring an integrated technology to its features, offering a new world for people to stay in, get entertained, and do different tasks.

Oculus is a subsidiary company under Meta, and this means that it would be the focus of the metaverse, with its tech to be used for all the needs of the new virtual world that is soon coming. This means that it needs all the top tech features it needs for its future, and this includes spatial awareness even when fully immersed in the tech.

It was said that an upcoming Oculus Quest Pro VR goggles are coming to the public, and it would feature the latest tech, even the spatial awareness feature for the safety of its users. The metaverse is here to bring new technology for all, making a person feel like the center of the new world that is about to come, courtesy of Meta.

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