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Meta Discusses Plan to Open Physical Outlets For Mixed-Reality Gadgets | Where Could it Build its First Store?

Meta, the new brand name of the Facebook company has plans to open its physical shops, according to the latest report.

Recently, the social media giant announced its desire to bring metaverse into the platform. Given this fact, the firm also wants to bring its virtual reality and augmented reality products for its customers.

Meta to Open Physical Stores For its Products 

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An aerial view shows a person passing a newly unveiled logo for “Meta”, the new name for Facebook’s parent company, outside Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park on October 28, 2021. – Facebook changed its parent company name to “Meta” on October 28 as the tech giant tries to move past being a scandal-plagued social network to its virtual reality vision for the future

According to a report by The New York Times on Friday, Nov. 5, Meta has previously discussed the possibility of making its stores available for visitors. At that time, the company had not yet announced if it would come true or not.

Now, Meta wanted to bring real-life experience to people who are interested in exploring the virtual world. 

Meta’s products such as VR headsets, Portal gadgets, Oculus Quest (to become Meta Quest later), and other video call-focused devices are expected to be showcased in the shop. In addition, the firms would also present Facebook AR Glasses Ray-Ban. 

Despite Meta’s goals towards creating a metaverse, many people cast their judgments regarding the company’s true intention. This scenario gave rise to some debates between customers who believe in the firm and those who do not.

So much for that, Meta will likely allow the users to immerse themselves in a different world full of mixed-reality gadgets. The feedback from the people would be a big help for the company to improve other aspects of its development.

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Just like any other store, Meta sees its future shops as user-friendly, simple, and aesthetic that will complement the current brand. For now, Mark Zuckerberg and his team are still brainstorming about the possible name of the shops.

The company could choose from a wide range of names, including From Facebook, Facebook Innovations, Facebook Reality Store, Facebook Hub, and even Facebook Commons.

In the meantime, Meta selected the generic store name under Facebook Store, but it is still subject to change at any time depending on the board’s decision, as per Engadget.

Now that Meta unveiled its plans to start a physical store, the biggest question is where it would first build the shop. For that, it would likely be constructed in Burlingame, California, the same location where Reality Labs office stands.

In the future, Meta will expand its services across the globe–serving various countries and specified places.

UK Minister Slams Meta Over its Content Management

CNBC reported this week that a U.K. official had criticized the then-Facebook company regarding its action to handle harmful content on the platform. 

The minister of digital, culture, media, and sport in Britain, Nadine Dorries said that the company’s rebranding action does not work for such a cause.

In the context of removing inappropriate algorithms on the web, the recent renaming was not made to mask many criticisms against it. Simply, the company responded that it finalized the rebranding process for the sake of the metaverse.

Last week, Tech Times wrote that Meta is likely in the process of developing a smartwatch with a front-facing camera. The report also added that it could rival the Apple Watch.

Microsoft Metaverse

Not only Zuckerberg’s firm is driven to bring a metaverse world to all users. For instance, Microsoft also has a penchant for establishing a mixed-reality world for the people.

By adding the 2D and 3D avatars, users could interact during meetings and other events.

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