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Meet NOVABOT, a Technological Breakthrough in Autonomous Lawn Care

(Photo : Meet NOVABOT, a Technological Breakthrough in Autonomous Lawn Care)

A freshly cut lawn is immensely satisfying. However, giving up precious time on the weekend immersed in a cloud of pollen and dirt behind a loud gas-powered mower no longer seems worth it. Cutting grass is a chore best completed by someone or something else. If, like me, you’ve been eyeing autonomous mowers for several years but haven’t mustered the confidence to chuck your traditional zero turn, meet NOVABOT.

A stunning breakthrough in reliable, affordable robotic lawn care, NOVABOT is the brainchild of Caio Mucchiani and his experienced team at LF Intelligence. These folks are PhD graduates of the University of Pennsylvania and its famous incubator lab, GRASP. They’ve imbued NOVABOT with novel technologies formerly only available on super expensive systems. It’s enough to make even this jaded engineering geek drool. 

Equipped with a panoramic HD camera and advanced AI algorithms, NOVABOT effortlessly executes self-adaptive maneuvers in unpredictable environments. It can literally see pets, children and wild animals while working and halt itself. Its AORA Technology (Active Obstacle Recognition and Avoidance) is effective for landscapes complicated by trees, fences, swimming pools, lawn furniture, patios and dividers. Undeterred by obstacles that would stymy the competition, NOVABOT cuts in perfectly straight lines with 100% efficiency. 

Add to this plethora of features its sleek 22 lb body, 7.5 Ah Tesla grade lithium-ion battery, adaptive cutting deck, powerful FOC brushless motor, invincible all-terrain tires and superior slope climbing capacity. Best of all, installation is a breeze – no wires or cables – plus the NOVABOT app makes customized control as easy as 1-2-3. All in all, NOVABOT has impeccable design features and engineering reliability that’s poised to revolutionize autonomous lawn care. If you haven’t already surmised, I’m all in. Anyone have a use for my old 650-pound traditional mower?

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