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‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ is Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Listing Suggests

“Mass Effect Legendary Edition is likely to be coming to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in the near future after appearing in a Microsoft Store listing.

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Microsoft Xbox executive Sarah Bond promotes the new Xbox Game Pass at the Microsoft Xbox press event ahead of the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles on June 9, 2019.

‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ and Xbox Game Pass

To be more precise, the surprised listing of EA’s “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” on the Microsoft store further showed a Game Pass badge, as per the findings of a Polish gaming site, XGP. 

That said, it looks like the Xbox Game Pass, the gaming subscription service of Microsoft, is adding one of the sought-after sci-fi trilogy games to its roster of games soon.

Xbox Game Pass and EA

On top of that, according to the news story of VG247, Xbox Game Pass is currently offering access to the subscription service of the developer of the “Mass Effect,” EA Games.

However, the said addition is only available for the subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It is to note that the gaming firm behind the “Mass Effect” trilogy, EA, has previously forged a partnership with the Xbox maker, Microsoft way back in November 2020.

(Photo : from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition listing on Steam )

“Mass Effect Legendary Edition” to be included to the Xbox Game Pass roster of titles, a Microsoft listing suggests.

The agreement between Microsoft and Mass Effect gives subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate more games to choose from.

That said, an EA gaming title like “Mass Effect” could likely be available in the subscription service at some point if the Microsoft Store listing is to be believed.

‘Mass Effect’ on Xbox Game Pass: Release Date

Meanwhile, NME noted in its report that EA usually includes its gaming titles to its subscription service once its game reaches its first anniversary since its release.

The news outlet further noted that the “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” was released last May 14. Thus, in a few months, it is also hitting its first year since launch.

‘Mass Effect’ on Xbox Game Pass?

Nevertheless, despite the appearance of “Mass Effect” in a Microsoft Store listing, both Xbox and EA have yet to either confirm or deny the arrival of the sci-fi trilogy on its gaming service.

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Xbox Game Pass New Games

Elsewhere, GameRant reported that Xbox Game Pass is including two new titles this week that its subscribers could look forward to.

To be precise, Xbox’s gaming service is adding two games on Nov. 23, Tuesday, wherein both titles could be played on various platforms, such as PC, Xbox consoles, and even in the Cloud.

One of the gaming titles coming to the Game Pass is “DEEEER Simulator,” which makes the Game Pass arrival, its debut on the Xbox consoles as well.

However, the said game has been available for PC users for some time already. That said, the simulator gaming title is something that Xbox console users could look forward to.

On top of that, “Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition” is joining “DEEEER Simulator on the Game Pass on the same day.

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