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Luxury Cruise Ships are Back! Storylines Shares Success Story of Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global cruise industry is among the industries severely hit by the pandemic amid various travel restrictions. Industry players like Storylines are however optimistic that this is about to change soon amid improvements in public health infrastructures and health protocols. They also have their hopes pinned on future vaccines that will help reduce COVID-19 transmissions, along with the expected build up of herd immunity from recovered patients. More importantly, they are implementing strategies to ensure safety and healthy environment.

Industry Outlook: Cruise Ship Bubbles

Some cruise companies operating in the Baltic and Mediterranean seas are making strides in their operation by embarking on the so-called “cruise bubbles” . This strategy helps them get up to 70% passenger occupancy. Under this strategy, onboard social distancing policies are in place on the ships with shore exploration activities that are only accessible on guided tours directly booked with the cruise itself.

Furthermore, cruise travel next year will likely depart from the usual city tours to avoid crowds. Tours will segue into nature and wildlife oriented jaunts. Niche outings to uncharted regions and islands are also possible.

In 2023, isolated cases of Covid-19 may still be present but only in some regions or countries. Experts agree that most interim solutions are probably no longer required going into 2024 and onward. Still, cruises may opt to offer more niche activities than the customary quick city tours that have been the industry’s staple in the past.

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As part of their forward thinking concept, cruise service provide Storylines will be creating a safe and healthy environment for their residents while onboard their ships. It plans on efficiently using technologies and protocols available now and within the next three years to create a safe haven for their residents.

Alister Punton, Storylines CEO, says, “With a little forethought, innovation, and smartly implemented protocols, our lifestyle won’t be limited to locked down cities or wearing masks aboard.”

From sanitation to nutrition, and the assistance of Dr. Brian Martin, Storylines aims to address travelers’ wellbeing, keeping them active, healthy, and happy. Using sunlight, emotional involvement with the onboard community, and cultural stimulus, Storylines enables people to live better, happier lives.

Storylines has implemented industry-leading health procedures and specialized sanitation equipment on their ships. This includes medical facilities, HEPA air filtration, UV sanitization, and stay-clean surfaces. Collectively, these techniques are built to secure residents in their floating homes.

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