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Lion Electric Announces PO For 1,000 All-Electric Buses From STC | What Happens if it Gets Approval?

Lion Electric Company announced that it had received a conditional purchase order (PO) for electric school buses from Student Transportation of Canada. The parent firm of STC is under the pension fund manager of Quebec.

At the moment, there are no specifications about the value of the order. Apart from that, the conditional status will depend on the “satisfactory” non-repayable grants from the Zero Emission Public Transit Fund of the country.

Lion Electric Brings Electric Buses to North America

(Photo : Lion Electric )

Lion C electric school bus

According to a report by Electrek on Monday, Oct.25, Lion Electric has been helping many countries to transition into using zero-emission vehicles. The EV manufacturer saw some success in its business over the past five years.

This year, 10 Lion C electric buses have been delivered to a school district in California. Driven by green drive, many North American countries have been looking forward to adopting eco-friendly electric buses. This time, the Canadian government could likely receive 1,000 school e-buses if the company gets a green light.

If the PO is approved, Canada will be benefiting from the huge transition for its new-age vehicles.

What Happens if Lion Electric PO Gets Approval?

Lion Electric Company stated in a press release that POs for the school buses had arrived earlier this week.

According to Global News, the investment will cover $2.75 billion in spendings which would scale for five years. This will be accomplished to boost the electrification for both school and public vehicles.

At the time, STC had applied for the purchase order. It would still take some time before it gets approval for 1,000 electric school buses from Lion Electric.

Once the orders are approved, the heavy-duty vehicle supplier would become the largest electric school bus operator in North America. According to Lion Electric CEO Marc Bedard, this move is a huge leap for the company.

“We applaud STC for its leadership and vision to accelerate the deployment of all-electric school buses in Canada, and we thank them for trusting Lion with such an important transition.,” Bedard said.

Bedard also added that the deployment of all-electric school buses in the country would place the country as a leader of e-transportation as part of ZETF’s innovative programs.

Lion Electric believes that the upcoming 1,000 vehicles would contribute to the eradication of the ongoing greenhouse problems in the country. Roughly 23,000 tons of harmful gas emissions per year would be eliminated besides the noise pollution in the country.

It is expected that the electric buses will start next year and push through in Q1 2026 if the grant is approved.

Currently, Lion Electric is now preparing to build its large electric vehicle plant in the United States. The company anticipates that it will be finished by 2022. 

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Panasonic to Develop Tesla EV Batteries

Recently, we reported that Panasonic is creating batteries for Tesla’s electric vehicles. The collaboration of the two companies will bring more energy storage than the usual battery.

Elsewhere, a solid-state battery with pure silicon anode is reportedly bringing more promising perks to electric vehicles. According to the report, it would offer cheaper costs but higher energies to the EVs.

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