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Leybold Unveils Innovative VARODRY HD/O2 Screw Vacuum Pump Technology

CT Camat, Tech Times

Vacuum specialist Leybold has just launched VARODRY, an innovative oil-free screw vacuum technology that offers unique and affordable solutions with reliable efficacy.

The 100% dry screw pump VARODRY by Leybold is billed as a solution for challenging industrial applications. This  lightweight all-rounder is simple to mount and is easy to fit into systems due to its compact nature. Leybold has also expanded the versatile “High Duty” and Oxygen VD HD / O2 variants of its VARODRY platform.

The new technology features stainless steel exhaust and an integrated purge module. VD HD / O2 models are particularly useful for rough painting, curing, and regeneration applications where additional robustness is required, and exhaust gases are typically discharged by piping. The VD HD / O2 models, available at pump speeds of 65, 100, 160, and 200 m3 / h, are specially fitted with a stainless steel exhaust and an integrated purge assembly.

VARODRY is completely oil-free

In comparison to competitive screw vacuum pumps, VARODRY is entirely oil-free, which is a unique feature. With VARODRY, there is no oil migration feasible from the gear chamber into the vacuum chamber or products or processes. This prevents potential reactions of the lubricant with process media and back diffusion towards the process chamber.

This technology is absolutely oil-free, a feature relative to competitive screw vacuum pumps. It guarantees it is oil-free and can migrate from the gear chamber into the vacuum chamber or items or processes. This eliminates the lubricant’s possible reactions with process media and back diffusion to the process cavity.

The HD / O2 variant can handle 100% oxygen, based on this entirely oil-free process, and the additional steps taken to maintain hydrocarbon-free surfaces. This suitability has also been shown by rigorous and sustained research by the notified body.

Efficient, Affordable, and Straightforward

Leybold’s VARODRY scores over the entire service life with reliable efficiency and low operating costs. More importantly, the renouncement of specific oil modifications (PFPE) makes the current VARODRY HD / O2 the perfect pump for industrial vacuum operations, even when 100% oxygen. Overall, the new VARODRY vacuum pump provides a simple solution that offers multiple benefits for its users.

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