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'League of Legends' Make My Profile Private Option To Be Removed? Riot Games Allegedly Only Tests the Feature

“League of Legends” players are currently enjoying the current “Make My Profile Private” feature, which allows them to prevent non-friend gamers from checking their match history and other personal in-game information.

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Ever since it was added to PBE V11.23, many fans have shared their opinions. Of course, their reactions are mixed with negative and positive responses.

For those who don’t know how the current “Make My Profile Private” option works, it is an in-game function that hides your gameplay stats and other details from other individuals.

Although this is the case, non-friend players can still see your icon, summoner name, as well as your account level.

‘League of Legends’ Make My Profile Private To Be Removed?

According to Esports News UK’s latest report, some game experts claimed that this option that makes your account private, which also works like those features offered by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, was accidentally released by Riot Games.

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The source added that other speculations believe that the giant title creator is testing this feature to see the reactions of players but could soon be removed from the Summoner’s Rift.

“As someone who does scouting, if this extends to the Api it’ll be awful for lower Leagues,” said one of the players on Twitter.

— Dom Sacco (@Dom_Sacco) November 5, 2021

He added that the feature will prevent you from scouting other teams at lower divisions, which is an issue since you will not see their level of skills.

Right now, Riot Games hasn’t confirmed if it would really remove or if the feature would remain in the game.

In other news, the giant game developer is still adjusting the “League of Legends environment.” These include the new Senna buffs in “LoL” Season 12. On the other hand, “League of Legends” 2022 Preseason is also expected to release some new items and weapon adjustments.

Is “Make My Profile Private” Really Useful?

The PotatoWard’s official Twitter account explained how this advanced option in the Summoner’s Rift.

It was able to attract many comments from Riot Games’ consumers. One of the players in the comment section shared how this feature helps the gamers to have a less toxic environment:

  • No more trash talking after the game since players can’t send you a direct message.
  • You will not be embarrassed with your match history since they will not know if you are on a losing streak.
  • Players can use other “LoL” accounts without getting reported.

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