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‘League of Legends’ 7th Item Slot From Riot Games? Developer Accidentally Posted the Image

“League of Legends” 7th item slot is rumored to be in development as Riot Games accidentally published an image showing the additional slot for in-game items. 

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VARIOUS CITIES – MAY 29: In this screengrab, Signage is displayed during the Riot Games Mid-Season Streamathon to Raise Funds for Covid-19 Relief on May 29, 2020 in Various Cities.

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Right now, the popular strategic title only offers six usable item slots. Although there are seven already, one of those slots is only used for wards or sweeping lens. 

Riot Games recently added the 7th unusable item slot since many players are complaining that some gamers are not buying wards, which clearly affects their team’s vision in the Summoner’s Rift. 

However, the true 7th item slot can be used for additional build in the game. 

‘League of Legends’ 7th Item Slot

According to Game Rant’s latest report, Riot Games accidentally released an image showing the new item holder. However, the giant game developer suddenly removed the post, saying that the development team still has no plan to release a new item slot. 

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SANTA MONICA, CA – MAY 28: Alvin Ngo (Gaow Gaiy) of the University of Toronto at the League of Legends College Championship match between Maryville University and the University of Toronto at the NA LCS Studio at Riot Games Arena on May 28, 2017 in Santa Monica, California.

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But, since there is already evidence, there’s a high chance that the giant game creator is working on the 7th item slot. Although this is the case, as a player, you still need to wait for the company’s confirmation before making any conclusion. 

Based on the leaked image, the empty space can be used to purchase in-game weapons. If the new enhancement is true, it will change how players battle each other in the Summoner’s Rift. This would allow them to make critical decisions regarding using defense, damage, and active items.  

Real In-Game Enhancements From Riot Games

Right now, Riot Games is working on some real enhancements to improve your Summoner’s Rift experience. 

Dot Esports reported that the giant title publisher is enhancing lobbies, allowing the developers to add new elements. On the other hand, the identity menu was also upgraded. 

This innovation allows gamers to change all the options reflected on their banners. In other news, “League of Legends” Senna buffs are also expected to be released in Preseason 12. 

On the other hand, Riot Games included “League of Legends” on Epic Games’ official online store. 

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