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KuCoin Joins Metaverse with 21-Level Virtual Office | Representation of 21 Million Top Crypto Supply

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) KuCoin Joins Metaverse with 21-Level Virtual Office | Representation of 21 Million Top Crypto Supply

The popular KuCoin crypto exchange is now joining the metaverse. The exchange has reportedly opened up a virtual office along with 21 levels. These levels are now representing the total supply of a whopping 21 million Bitcoin.

KuCoin Crypto Exchange

According to the story by CoinTelegraph, it was noted that the KuCoin crypto exchange has just announced that it will now be opening a virtual office inside a certain skyscraper from the known Bloktopia decentralized metaverse. During the announcement, it was stated that KuCoin would join the metaverse by launching an office inside Bloktopia’s own platform designed as a skyscraper.

The virtual building currently has 21 different levels that recognize the total 21 million Bitcoin supply. It is now expected to house other content creators, which include Avalanche and Polygon.


As per the exchange, the meta office will allow users to decorate cyberpunks, interact with virtual furnishings, chat, and speak to each other in the said virtual environment. It was stated that KuCoin has seemingly been able to adopt a metaverse-friendly business model.

This offers support for Bloktopia’s own native token like BLOK and the whole utility token for Dreams Quest or DREAMS. This is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims for a whole metaverse-based economy. Recently, major corporations aside from just Facebook, Microsoft, and Nike have all announced their own intentions to join the actual metaverse.

Facebook Meta

Facebook has officially rebranded and is now called Meta. On the other hand, Microsoft is updating its Teams and Xbox gaming console services as part of its own metaverse plans. Nike’s job postings, on the other hand, showed the apparel company looking to hire a virtual shoe designer. While Facebook will no longer deploy facial recognition technology, Meta will continue to do so.

It was noted that although crypto firms are now going to follow KuCoin’s example when it comes to establishing a virtual office space from users is still to be seen, Chris Cox, Facebook chief product officer, reportedly spoke at Web Summit 2021 on how the whole environment could actually be better suited for a number of companies.

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Communicating Through the Metaverse

It was stated that they started having their staff meetings in certain workrooms, which meant that they could talk over each other. It was noted that they could use their hands, which is quite a huge part of how people communicate. As of the moment, IoTeX has just recently reached its new ATH.

It was also noted that they could lean in and even sort of change their attention based on their given posture, which was noted that this is a lot of how they have their meetings with the group. KuCoin reportedly had 10 million users in August, and in 2020, hackers stole about $275 million from the exchange before the majority of funds were recovered.

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