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Klein Vision’s Flying Car’s First Inter-City Flight | Watch it Here

Flying car completes its first inter-city flight from Nitra international airport to Bratislava for only 35 minutes.

Klein Vision’s AirCar

Stefan Klein, the founder, and CEO of Klein Vision has recently completed his ride from Nitra international airport in Slovakia all the way to Bralava and landed on its airport then drove it on the road for another three minutes.

Klein started his development of the AirCar over the past two decades. With it, it has already accomplished 140 test flights; but the biggest milestone he and his team had was the most ambitious amongst all.

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How the AirCar Operates

By pushing a button like most modern cars these days, the dual-mode either retracts or deploys its wings and tail in just 135 seconds which enables it to convert to air or land transportation.

The propeller of the AirCar is operated by a gasoline BMW engine alongside its fixed-propeller.

The speed it can go is a maximum of 119 mph or 190 kph, and an altitude of 2,500 meters or 8,200 feet above the skies. Klein isn’t stopping there as his next project for the AirCar would be an upgraded model that can go 186 mph or 300 kph, and travel as far as 621 miles or 1,000 kilometers on a full tank of gas.

Flying Car Getting Serious Hype

Flying cars have been tested and done over the recent years, Digital Trends have reported flying cars before but could only cater to the skies, and not like Klein’s AirCar that can convert to a land and air variant.

The flying cars, however, can take off and land vertically, which the AirCar currently does not support as it uses a strip to accumulate the required speeds for lift.

Vertical take-off and landing is ideal for crowded urban environments to minimize the already congested streets and airports of the world.

The flying cars besides the AirCar also use electric power as compared to the AirCar’s gasoline-powered BMW engine. Despite the competition, Klein’s key focus is to create the flying car that is worth the label and said in a press release: “This flight starts a new era of dual-transportation vehicles … It opens a new category of transportation and returns the freedom originally attributed to cars back to the individual.”

AirCar Needs to Pass a Lot of Requirements

Before the AirCar goes mainstream, it still has to pass a lot of regulators with regards to its safety and durability. Owners of the AirCar also have to be both owners of a driver’s and pilot’s license to even own one.

With the ongoing safety checks and extensive miles for both air and land transportation, it would be a while before you get to own Klein’s AirCar’s; however, once you do it would definitely be a real game-changer in the world of transportation.

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