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Is VR Headset Bad for the Eyes? The Metaverse from Meta is Coming, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

VR Headsets are a must for the metaverse that a lot of companies like Meta (formerly Facebook), Epic Games, and more are aiming to bring for public use. However, there are concerns regarding VR headsets being bad for the eyes and can lead to potential damages that would impede vision and cause harm to the organs that give the sense of sight. 

Is a VR Headset Bad for The Eyes? 

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Virtual Reality is an immersive experience of a person to the world of games, fantasy, and technology by having a first-person point of view (POV) on the things and elements playing inside a game. It has been adopted to many aspects and elements in life already and is not limited to games and fiction. 

However, VR can be accessed by the use of a VR headset only, and it is worn on one’s head and focuses directly on the eye for an immersive feel. The experience would bring the game or content closer to a person as they would feel like they are the ones in the game itself.

That being said, VR headsets are positioned right in front of the eyes, and according to research by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, they can cause eye strain, blurry vision, eye fatigue, and migraines. The device is worn close to the eyes, and generally, devices that emit light are considered to be harmful to the organs when illuminated near it. 

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What are its Effects?

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According to All About Vision, VR headsets have no known long-term eye illnesses that it brings upon its use, despite the many effects it has on a person’s sight organs. Eye discomfort and the areas around it would also experience the feeling when wearing it due to tightness and fit on one’s face. 

It is important to know that VR Headsets have placement near the eyes, and it could surely result in massive eye fatigue when used for an extensive amount of time. 

Also, it could potentially dry out the eyes when in use, as it radiates a light that has small amounts of heat, hence it drying out. 

VR Headsets 

Indeed, virtual reality can also be used for the field of medicine, like using movie mods to treat the so-called “Lazy Eye” condition that could correct it in the long run. Also, it is being considered in the discipline of psychiatry to help in mental health conditions and bring its treatment to said headsets and help those in need. 

It is important to take a rest in using a VR headset as it may potentially damage eyesight and cause it to be blurry or develop cases like nearsightedness and the like. 

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