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iRocket, Turion Space Collab To Deal With Rising Space Junks! Ten Launches Now Being Prepared

iRocket and Turion Space signed a deal so that they could work together to solve the rising space debris outside the planet. SpaceX, Blue Origin, NASA, and other giant space agencies have been pretty active since 2020, launching various rockets and other out-of-this-world technologies that could help them explore the universe.  

(Photo : Photo by NASA/Getty Images)

This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) handout image shows a graphical representation of space debris in low Earth orbit. According to the European Space Agency there are 8,500 objects larger than 10 cm (approximately 3.9 inches) orbiting the earth and 150,000 larger than 1 cm (approximately 0.39 inches). NASA investigators are looking into the possibility that space debris.

Although their space missions are quite essential, offering new information about outer space, many people, especially space experts, are concerned that their spacecraft, satellites, and other objects orbiting the planet could build up and create a huge collection of space junks. 

This is why the New York-based reusable rocket startup made huge efforts to have its first commercial customer, Turion Space, a space company that develops rockets that can remove orbital debris and provide satellite servicing.

iRocket, Turion Space To Solve Space Junk Problem 

According to Tech Crunch’s latest report, the latest agreement between iRocket and Turion Space would lead to a total of ten space launches. 

(Photo : Photo By Nasa/Getty Images)

Backdropped Against The Blackness Of Space And Earth’s Horizon, Spartan 201-05 Leaves The Cargo Bay Of The Space Shuttle Discovery. The Satellite Will Remain A Free-Flyer For Several Days While It Records Data On The Solar Wind And The Sun’s Corona. This Data Is Hoped To Increase Knowledge Of The Sun’s Effect On Our Planet. The Canadian-Built Remote Manipulator System (Rms)Is Partially Visible In The Frame.

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These activities are also expected to send twenty Turion Space’s Droid sats into orbit. 

“We’re definitely on track, and our partnership with Turion just strengthens that,” said iRocket’s CEO Asad Malik. 

These two space startups explained that they would clear the space debris by dragging them to low orbit levels, allowing them to capture these junks and burn them before they reach Earth’s surface. 

Right now, the efforts of iRocket and Turion Space are much needed, especially since various agencies are still conducting their out-of-this-world missions. 

Recently, we reported that NASA was able to complete the landing site for its first Lunar ice-drilling experiment. On the other hand, FCC already authorized Boeing to launch its own satellites.  

China Also Makes Efforts To Solve Space Junk Issue

iRocket and Turion Space are not the only ones trying to remove space junks. Space.Com reported that China also decided to launch its military satellite, which also aims to lessen the debris outside Earth. 

The Asian nation was able to launch its new sat using a Long March 3B rocket, which blasted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center last Oct. 23. You can view this link to see more details about it. 

For more news updates about space junks and other related topics, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.  

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