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iPad's Medical App T6 is Helping Veterans Deal With Trauma

(Photo : Unsplash/ Alexandr Bormotin) Veterans app

Apple has outlined how the experience of veterans has helped the tech giant create the real-time medical app on iPads called T6.

Apple’s T6 Medical App

The outline was launched together in this year’s Veteran’s Day activity challenge on Apple Watch. The company has chosen to celebrate T6 and everything that it has done for the veterans, according to Apple Insider.

The T6 app serves as a tool for medical teams wherein they can input their patient data and analyze them. This is important since the first stages of treatment are the most critical.

Dr. Morad Hameed told Apple that when an unstable patient is admitted with traumatic injuries and meets a medical team assembled to treat them, that is when the clock starts ticking.

Dr. Hameed said that the point of intersection is a massive data source once captured accurately. The app T6 was created to do exactly that, to capture everything in sufficient detail and relevance that they can improve their performance on the fly, and that has never been done in healthcare.

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Whether it is in the field, in the medical center, or when the patient is transported, the T6 app can be used to record every detail of the trauma treatment. It can also alert medical staff if there are any important changes.

The app’s co-founder Igor Muravyov said that every piece of information that is entered into the app is immediately analyzed for clinical decision support, according to Mac Observer.

Muravyov said that they’d engineered the app so that users can navigate over 3,000 data within two to three taps, and that kind of experience can only be done via an iPad.

For example, if a patient is undergoing a massive blood transfusion because of injuries, the T6 app knows that the whole process depletes the patient’s calcium level.

It will then issue regular alerts, telling medical staff when they need to provide the patient calcium to compensate for the loss.

Muravyov continued that T6 runs on Apple for a lot of reasons. The company provides reliability, security, portability, and power, making the app easy to use. With Apple, the creators of the app knew the quality of the hardware was going to be amazing.

Muravyov said that because the T6 app is being sued in hospitals and the military, security was paramount for them, and there is no higher bar than the Apple ecosystem for data security.

T6 is currently in use at the Level I trauma centers of Northwell Health, the largest healthcare provider in New York. Apple stated that the complete feature would be rolled out by the end of next year.

Apple’s Health Push

Apple has been focusing on apps and features that can improve the health of its users. Aside from adding several health features in its latest Apple Watch release, the tech giant also included Johnson & Johnson’s CEO on its board, according to CNET.

Apple is also currently working on releasing its health kit in hospitals in the United States. 

The tech giant believes that technology can help improve people’s lives, and it can help create healthier communities. Apple’s health app offers dashboards for sleep, nutrition, and workouts.

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