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Interpol Catches Nigerian Man Behind Huge Email Phishing Projects

The unnamed 37-year-old suspect supposedly introduced phishing plans and organization e-mail compromise attacks on countless business and private victims.

Interpol states(Opens in a brand-new window) it’s determined the head of a Nigerian cybercrime gang accountable for introducing phishing e-mail attacks on 4 continents. 

Interpol jailed the 37-year-old Nigerian man with the aid of regional cops in his nation and IT security companies, consisting of Palo Alto Networks, Group-IB, and Pattern Micro. The unnamed man supposedly managed phishing attacks and organization e-mail compromise plans targeting countless business and private users, according to Group-IB. 

Interpol didn’t enter into specifics, however the firm had sufficient intelligence to “map out” the Nigerian man’s online activities. Both Group-IB and Palo Alto Networks were even able to reveal the suspect’s social networks activity. 

Image of the suspect

(Image: Palo Alto Networks)

Palo Alto Networks included it had the ability to determine 240 web domains the Nigerian man supposedly utilized in his phishing plans. “Of that number, over 50 were used to provide command and control for malware. Most notably, this actor falsely provided a street address in New York City associated with a major financial institution when registering his malicious domains,” the business composed in its report(Opens in a brand-new window)

This indicates the suspect sent out phishing e-mails to victims filled with malware. Palo Alto Network stated the malware programs consisted of LokiBot, Pony, and ISR Thief, which can taking passwords from computer systems.  

The objective behind such phishing attacks is typically to loot funds from the victim. By recording login qualifications, a hacker can craft ways to drain pipes cash from an individual’s electronic banking accounts. Service e-mail compromise plans, on the other hand, typically include impersonating a business’s CEO and after that fooling personnel into circuitry funds to a hacker-controller checking account.

According to Palo Alto Networks, the unnamed suspect ran away Nigeria in 2015 after regional authorities tried to apprehend him, however was then collared in March while trying to reenter the nation

The arrest becomes part of a continuous crackdown from Interpol to stop Nigerian e-mail fraudsters. In January, the firm revealed it had actually jailed(Opens in a brand-new window) 11 Nigerians for their connections to phishing rip-offs that might have targeted over 50,000 victims.

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