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Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU is 1.5 Times Faster Than Apple's M1 Max, According to Geekbench

Intel’s 12th-gen Alder Lake CPU is reportedly much better in performance compared to Apple’s M1 Max CPU, as per the latest benchmark test from Geekbench. From here, we could see some important differences between the two computer hardware.

Intel’s New CPU vs Apple’s M1

(Photo : Slejven Djurakovic from Unsplash )

Intel’s next-gen Alder Lake CPU posted better benchmark results compared to Apple’s M1 Max, according to the latest report. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Best Gaming Pro spotted on Monday, Nov.8 that the 12th generation CPU is reportedly faster compared to the Cupertino giant’s product. 

The report suggested that Intel could potentially keep up with Apple and even surpass its previously-released models. 

In fact, the semiconductor giant’s i9-12900K CPU is 1.5 times faster compared to its latter counterpart. We knew that the M1 Max CPU is currently the top contender of the iPhone maker when it comes to the chip business. The said hardware first came to the newly-launched MacBook Pros.

Apple’s M1 Max and Pro have reached a score of 12,500, but still, they lagged behind Intel’s latest CPU. The multi-core test for the Santa Clara company yielded around 18,5000 scores which are better compared to the Cupertino titan.

If you have no plans in getting the i9 core, you might want to use the i7-12700k instead which is still faster than the two Apple chipsets. It would help you save a lot of money if you consider this option depending on your tasks.

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With that, Intel’s 12th gen Alder Laker CPU and the previous i7 CPU were both better compared to Apple’s M1 Max and M1 Pro CPUs. Apart from that, the latter chipsets reportedly consume more power than the regular hardware.

Regarding this chip, a lucky customer posted some images of the then-unannounced Intel Core i9-12900K on Reddit. According to him, he bought two of them for $610 each.

Next year, Apple could likely release the 27-inch iMac with slotted M1 Max and Pro chips. By that time, we could involve it again in another test with an Intel Alder Laker CPU.

DRM Issue on Intel’s 12 Gen Alder Lake CPU

In another report by Tweaktown, the company has posted a complete list of 52 games that will be affected by the DRM issue. The said problem involves not recognizing the cores in another system leading to failed boot up.

Intel said that 52 games are hit by this issue in Windows 10 and 11. There’s an option to fix this through the Scroll Lock workaround. You can do that by following these steps.

  1. Open the system and go to the BIOS setup.

  2. Activate Legacy Game Compatibility on BIOS (one-time only).

  3. Save the setup changes for BIOS and exit.

  4. Boot to the operating system.

  5. Enable the Keyboard Scroll Lock key.

  6. Open a specific game.

  7. Turn off the Keyboard Scroll Lock Key after playing a particular game.

Apple’s M1 Max GPU is Better than AMD’s Card

Tech Times reported last October that Apple’s M1 Max graphics card posted more impressive performance than the AMD Radeon Pro W6900, according to Affinity. 

The benchmark test found out that the tech giant got a score of 32819 for its card while AMD’s chip only obtained 32580 points.

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