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Instagram Stories Video Length Now Extends From 15 to 60 Seconds

Instagram Stories now gets an improvement after the platform said that it will increase the maximum video length for uploaded videos. 

Previously, IG users could only post a clip that could play for 15 seconds on the platform. If you upload a clip that exceeds this duration, they will be split as separate sections in the Stories.

Instagram Stories to Increase Video Length to 60 Seconds

(Photo : Alexander Shatov from Unsplash)

Instagram Stories Video Length Improvement

According to a report by 9to5Mac earlier this week, Instagram is enhancing its Stories to match what TikTok and Snapchat did in the past. Matt Navara, a Turkish IG user said that the social media platform will alert all users regarding this improvement.

If this feature is launched today, you will no longer cut the videos into small parts if it is longer than 15 seconds. 

“Discover longer stories. Videos up to 60 seconds will no longer be segmented,” the Turkish post reads in English.

In February, Instagram unveiled the TikTok-inspired Instagram Stories feed that will let users vertically scroll across the platform, according to a report from Tech Times. This will give people a unique option to access the site differently.

At that time, Instagram teased that “Vertical Stories” is still in the development phase. Although the company has not yet finalized its plans regarding its design, this promising prototype could attract a lot of social media users to jump to the TikTok-like bandwagon.

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Instagram Stories UI Improvement

In the same report from 9to5Mac, the Meta-owned firm is exploring an improvement for the user interface in its IG Stories. The article mentioned that this minor change will allow users to add location easily and mentioned other IG accounts.

At the moment, the company has not yet discussed if the upcoming feature for Stories will be available for global users since only a few of them can use it.

With the tight battle happening in the world of social media, the platforms are continuously seeking new developments that could satisfy their customers. Besides the branding, these sites need to maintain a user-friendly interface on top of easy-to-use features.

In October, Tech Times reported that IG has added clickable links to Stories. Besides that, the company is preparing to launch a “Take a Break” feature before the year ends.

Instagram Apologizes For Disabling a ‘Metaverse’ Account

In another report from BBC, an IG user complained that the platform disabled her account because it was mistaken as a metaverse impersonation. It took a month before the company issued an apology to Thea-Mai Baumann, whose account got blocked in Instagram in early November.

The woman said that she uses her account to post her art pieces and her AR business under the name Metaverse Makeovers. It mostly consists of “appcessories” in the form of nails and other fashion products.

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