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Instagram 'Plant a Tree For Pet': IG User Claims Ownership of Trending Post Following Company's Explanation

Instagram has been startled by the “Plant a Tree For Every Pet Picture” campaign following the trending post from one user.

The trend is self-explanatory: post any image of your cat, dog, or other pets in Stories in exchange for a new plant that someone will plant.

Many IG users are confused as to where this viral post originated. Let’s find out here the truth behind this trend.

Instagram User Creates ‘Plant a Tree’ Post

(Photo : Alexandru Rotariu from Unsplash )

An Instagram spokesperson clarified the truth behind the “Plant a Tree For Pet Picture” campaign. Here’s everything you need to know about that viral post.

According to a report by The Independent, the post spread on Instagram immediately as over 4 million users shared some pictures of their pets on the platform at that time.

The report also noted that PlantATreeCo took responsibility for the said post. Initially, the user stated that it first used the sticker for its campaign. However, it later realized within 10 minutes that it was a hard thing to accomplish.

Upon contemplating its mistake, the involved organization removed the sticker. Instead of deleting it from Instagram, it only removed its name from it. This means that there’s no appropriate way to monitor if the trees are planted in the process.

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Instagram Responds to ‘Plant a Tree’ Trend

In an interview with, a spokesperson from the Meta-owned company explained how the trend went on Instagram. The representative clarified that the identity of the original author will appear through “Add Yours Stickers” upon clicking it.

On the other hand, when the post is set to private or if the author removed the original post, you will not see the name of the user.

The spokesperson further stated that they are now working on the situation to lessen the confusion for the readers. This would also explain the authorship in great detail.

“Thank you for sharing your pets, they’re adorable,” Instagram account Plant A Tree Co. (@plantatreeco) wrote last week.

Instagrammable Bird With Frog’s Mouth

Since we are talking about a viral Instagram post, let’s have a throwback to one of the most liked posts on the platform back in April. The picture of a peculiar bird features a weird mouth that resembles a frog.

According to German researchers, the said photo was the most preferred post on the picture-sharing app. The team thought of breaking the code behind its popularity. 

To do that, they conducted a study wherein they analyzed nearly 30,000 images of birds across Instagram. Besides the frog-mouthed creature, the experts also discovered an appealing image of another bird on the website.

Regarding Instagram, the picture-viewing platform now has a hidden “Reject folder” that helps users detect those who have neglected their follow request.

To know who ignored it, take note of the whole process that you can follow. Whether you’re on the phone or PC, you can freely do a series of steps to find out more about the “Hidden Folder.”

First, head to a particular IG profile. After doing that, tap the Menu icon, then go to the Settings. Once you scroll down, look for the Security and click it.

Following this step, search for Access Data and continue another scrolling moment in the platform until you stumble through the Connections section. From there, you can now tap Current Follow Requests.

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