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Instagram Head Adam Mosseri to Testify on Congress and Explain Social Media’s Plan on Mental Health Effects

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri will soon testify to Congress and explain what the body wants to hear regarding the concerns of the public on the media sharing application that has mental health effects on teenagers. The study was initially hidden by Facebook, something that created a massive dispute for the company, with people rallying against their decisions. 

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri to Testify on Congress

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A picture taken on October 18, 2021 in Moscow shows the US social network Instagram’s logo on a tablet screen.

According to the report by the New York Times, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri is now testifying to the Congress on its hearing that would appear before a State Panel by the week of December 6. There has been massive demand from the public regarding answers on the different problems that have led Instagram to the toxic content culture it had. 

Senator Richard Blumenthal said that the top guy at the company should be the one to address this issue as he would be fitting in telling the people what they need to hear from the social media’s side. According to Android Central, there has been an ongoing investigation on Meta regarding the issue, something that looks into the platforms it has. 

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Instagram Teen Mental Health Effects

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Instagram app

Instagram has been confirmed to have teen mental health effects, and it is massive because it is a platform that has been the focus of the growing adults and their formative years, which is influenced by social media. Despite the progressive stand of technology now, people are still suffering from many problems here, something that Facebook and Instagram have hidden from public knowledge. 

Instagram and Facebook’s Issues

Instagram and Facebook have had issues in the past concerning their mental health effects on teenagers, which is ironical, the main focus or market of the social media applications in their daily operations. Despite this, Instagram has taken the life of secrecy and hid its effect on teen mental health instead of reporting it to the public or authorities.

It would have remained unknown if it was not for the whistleblowers that have revealed these secrets of the company, particularly with Frances Haugen that presented documents sustaining her claims. Other whistleblowers soon came after but were not as significant as Haugen as they did not go public with their identities and claims. 

The issues of Instagram and Facebook are real and massive, something that the company has been dealing with in the past months, especially amidst the name change of the company to “Meta.” Now, it is time to address the issues which Congress is now holding, something that would give clarity to the current issues experienced by the company. 

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