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ICUs Fill Up with Non-Vaccinated Patients | COVID-19 Respiratory Therapist Observes

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) ICUs Fill Up with Non-Vaccinated Patients | COVID-19 Respiratory Therapist Observes

ICUs are now being filled up with non-vaccinated patients as observed by COVID-19 respiratory therapists. During the pandemic, it was noted that healthcare workers have remained on the front lines. They are lauded as heroes but are also being targeted by certain anti-vaccine mandate protesters.

Veteran Respiratory Therapist Serafina Chau

According to Vancouver Sun, it was stated that Postmedia actually went behind the scenes and directly spoke with a number of Fraser Health Authority staff. This was reportedly for its own five-part series regarding how they are coping with the situation.

Serafina Chau notes that for those that have never actually been intubated, they should consider themselves lucky. Serafina Chau is reportedly a veteran respiratory therapist working at the Royal Columbian Hospital.

Incuced Coma Needing Anxiety Medication

Chau stated that it is definitely not comfortable at all as per the therapist’s imagination. It was noted that anyone who is intubated actually needs to be, to a certain degree, Chau noted that she didn’t want to say in an induced coma they actually need anxiety medication in order to calm down.

In other words, it was noted that they are sedated just enough to not directly yank out the tube. It was also stated that as uncomfortable as this could be, it actually offends the body’s own motor reflexes and natural impulses in order to accomplish that.

17 Year Experience

Chau noted that it’s just like gagging which is not natural at all. Chau has reportedly been a respiratory therapist for a whopping 17 years and the job actually came with enough stress even before the pandemic. With the efforts to roll out the vaccine, kids that are 5 to 11 years old could be getting shots soon as the FDA approval closes in for EUA.

Patients reportedly need to be intubated as well as hooked up directly to a ventilator whenever they are unable to breathe without any assistance. It was stated that when the virus causing COVID-19 would aggressively target the body’s respiratory system, a number of patients need mechanical ventilation in order to keep their lungs going.

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Other Intubation Patients

As of the moment, although it looks to be coming back to normal times, it was still reportedly heartbreaking to see certain people suffer through intubation. These include smokers, patients needing resuscitation or are under anesthesia, and people that have chronic respiratory illness. Researchers in Ohio are developing a COVID beathalyzer for rapid COVID-19 screening without being intrusive.

Chau noted that seeing some of the things as well as hearing some of the things that they have been out there, she is reportedly thinking “would you rather have a breathing tube?” She also reportedly stated that being on that side of the story, being on the side of the fight itself, they are doing their part but everyone else still has to do their part as well.

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