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HyperX Actually Did Make a Video Gaming Headset With 300-Hour Battery Life

iFixit’s teardown of the Cloud Alpha Wireless headset reveals they can run for over 330 hours.

HyperX declares its Cloud Alpha Wireless video gaming headset uses 300 hours of battery life, which seems like over-the-top marketing buzz, however really ends up being real.

When most of cordless earphones are declaring battery life in the 20-50 hour variety, it’s tough to think any business might all of a sudden leap to 300 hours, specifically for a headset that just costs $200(Opens in a brand-new window). Hardware teardown expert iFixit was asked if it was really real, and if so, how HyperX had actually attained such an accomplishment. Sure enough, the description was upcoming in the video listed below:

No lights on the outside and a generous 5.55Wh battery within are a great start for providing a lot of battery life, however it’s the power draw where HyperX truly impresses. Where as other headsets draw anywhere from 7-26 milliamps (with wild variations), the Cloud Alpha Wireless requires simply 4.45 milliamps. iFixit concludes that under perfect conditions you’d overcome 330 hours of usage prior to the battery is totally drained pipes.

It’s the creative mix of elements that keep the power requirements so low. HyperX utilized a variety of ultra-low power parts consisting of a Kinetis KL27 ARM Cortex M0+, NXP power management chip, 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Transceiver, and a Dialog Semiconductor DA7212 Stereo Audio Codec, which has incredibly low power usage(Opens in a brand-new window).

HyperX truly did set the bar greater with this headset and ought to be applauded for doing so. In PCMag’s review, we discovered the Cloud Alpha Wireless to be an outstanding video gaming headset with an effective crisp noise, however a headset mainly matched for usage with a PC.

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