swap your Xbox Series X controller’s connection between your Xbox and a phone or PC

Swapping between your Xbox and your other device is easier than you’d expect
swap your Xbox Series X controller’s connection between your Xbox and a phone or PC
swap your Xbox Series X controller’s connection between your Xbox and a phone or PC

Over the previous couple of months, I’ve been playing a number of games on my Xbox Series X, and following the discharge of the iOS 14.5 beta, which added help for the Xbox Series X controller, I’ve been itching to stream my games from my console to my iPhone. Nevertheless, I dreaded having to pair my controller with my phone — I figured that it is likely to be a trouble, and I wasn’t certain how easy it would be to sync my controller between the 2 gadgets.

Seems, it’s a clean course of to sync the controller to my iPhone. Higher but, it’s easy to swap the controller’s connection back and forth between my iPhone and my Xbox Series X.

Here’s how you set everything up:

  • First, it’s a must to pair your Xbox Series X controller with your phone or PC. Activate sync mode in your controller by urgent and holding the sync button on the again, which is simply above the USB-C port. After a pair seconds, the Xbox brand on the controller will flash quickly.
  • Then, on the device you’re trying to sync the controller with, search for the controller in the Bluetooth settings menu. Choose the controller to pair it. (Utilizing iOS 14.5 beta, my Xbox Series X controller first appeared with the identify “Accent,” however as soon as I tapped it, it autofilled to “Xbox Wireless Controller” adopted by a mixture of letters and numbers.)
  • As soon as the controller is linked to your new device, have enjoyable playing some games!
  • To make use of your controller with your Xbox Series X once more, double-tap the sync button. The Xbox brand will flash slowly, after which the controller ought to reconnect with your console.
  • To change the controller again to the opposite device, hold the sync button. The Xbox brand ought to flash quickly for a couple of seconds, after which it ought to hook up with your device. Double faucet the sync button to modify it again to your console.

That’s it! I’ve been actually happy with how easy it’s to modify between my console and my iPhone, and I believe I’ll be playing much more Xbox games away from my console than I initially imagined.

One factor you have to be conscious of: this quick-swap functionality solely works with the final cell device or PC that the controller linked with, in line with Microsoft’s Timo Wolf. So if you wish to shortly swap between your Xbox Series X and a distinct device, you’ll have to manually arrange your controller with that new device first. And, Wolf says, this methodology apparently solely works for jumping between your Xbox and one other device over Bluetooth — it received’t allow you to swap between an Xbox and the Xbox Wireless Adapter.