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How to Make DIY Squid Game Costume for Halloween 2021

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) How to Make DIY Squid Game Costume for Halloween 2021

Squid Game has undoubtedly become one of the most popular series and has even had a huge influence in pop culture. With that being said, what better costume to put on this halloween than the characters from squid game?

A video by The Bee Family on YouTube provides the easiest way to make a costume from the popular series. The reason why it is so effective is that it can easily be made at home without having to purchase a lot of hard-to-find materials to the costume, and while using things that can be found at the local store.

Squid Game Costume Materials Needed:

1. Strainer – preferably one that would fit the whole face.

2. White Hockey Tape – one that holds well.

3. Black Hockey Tape – or electrical tape if already available.

4. Black Spray Paint – make sure that it does not have any triggering allergens (some people are allergic to certain paint)

5. Black Foam Window Seal – for the borders of the face mask.

6. Stretchy String – either garter or other types of string that would sit comfortable on one’s head.

How to Make a Squid Game Costume

STEP 1: Remove plastic from strainer

Very carefully pop out the handle and peel the plastic from the mesh. Users can also use pliers for this (make a hole then work around it) but it has to remain straight.

STEP 2: Spray Paint the Mesh

Make sure to do this outside and put either a plastic bag or old newspaper behind as to not spray over it.

STEP 3: Cover the Sides of the Mesh with Black Tape

In order to prevent potential damage, make sure to properly tape the edges of the mask with black hockey tape or electrical tape.

STEP 4: Add Lines to Mask

Using the window foam seal, add a full vertical line and a half horizontal line connecting to the initial line.

STEP 5: Put a Square on the Mask

Using the white hockey tape, make the desired shape on the mask. For reference, triangles and squares are really easy to make while circles might take a while.

STEP 6: Put String

In order to hold the mask in place, staple the string to the sides of the mask in order to wear it properly.

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Squid Game Costume Life Hack

For those that already have their old Money Haste costume, this can either be put to use or dyed pink in order to get a more accurate costume. Of course, if it doesn’t look convincing enough, one can still purchase a pink jumpsuit online in order to complete the outfit. An article by OhMy-Creative shares other ways to match one’s costume.

Oh yeah, why not try giving away Squid Game dalgona candy for halloween? TikTok provided a perfect recipe on how to easily make the challenging candy treat. Check out other Squid Game Halloween ideas this 2021 online.

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