How to disable Chromecast and stop casting on Android devices

Google Chromecast with Google TV on table straight down

David Imel / Android Authority

Chromecast devices are nifty when you want to cast a YouTube video from your phone to your TV. Chromecast makes it easy to swap media back and forth between devices quickly. But you don’t always want your Chromecast enabled and sometimes you just want to turn it off entirely. But can you do that? In this article, we’ll tell you how to stop casting in the middle of a stream and how to disable Chromecast when you’re not using it.

How to stop casting to TV

If you want to stop a cast that’s currently running, that’s easy. You can do this one of two ways.

Second, you can stop the cast through the Google Home app. Open the app and tap the device you want to stop casting to. You should see a screen that allows you to control the cast. At the bottom of that screen, tap Stop Casting and your stream will stop.

Either one of these options will accomplish the same goal and stop casting from your phone to your TV instantly. You’ll be able to resume where you left off on the device you were casting from.

How to turn off Chromecast

Unfortunately, it’s not simple to turn Chromecast devices on and off. There’s no on/off switch you can toggle.

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David Imel / Android Authority

You can disconnect power completely. You can either disconnect the Chromecast device or your TV from its power source. And if you don’t want to worry about having to unplug something every night, you could invest in some smart plugs and turn things off from your phone.

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Keep in mind that if you decide to unplug your TV every night with a Chromecast device still plugged in, your Chromecast device will still show up as an active device on your network. People just won’t be able to cast to it.

How to disable Chromecast

If you want to disable Chromecast for yourself, you’ll have to use one of the above options to turn it off. However, if you’re trying to disable who can affect your video while you’re casting, there’s an easy toggle switch for that.

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Open the Google Home app. Select the room your Chromecast device is in and then select the device you want to change settings for. You should see the settings icon for that specific device; once you tap on it, you can customize how much control you want others to have over your Cast when you’re streaming.

You can also prevent notifications from showing up on your own phone for Cast devices.

On your Android device, go to SettingsGoogleDevice connectionsCast media controls. Here, you can toggle “Media controls for Cast devices” on and off. This will stop the notification bar from popping up every time something is streaming to a Cast device.

And there you have it! It may be frustrating that there’s no easy way to disable Chromecast without unplugging it, but hopefully Google will make updates soon that enable this feature. If they do, we’ll be sure to update this article with that info.