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How to Delete Your Snapchat Account in These Simple Steps

“How to Delete Your Snapchat Account” may be the question you have in mind, something that a person might think of when they think that they have had enough of social media.

The many social media accounts may not be a bother to one’s life if it is not something they use, as its notifications can be muted, but in the e-mail notifications and having one’s data can still be trackable by anyone associated with the account. 

How to Delete Your Snapchat Account?

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According to Snapchat Support, there are numerous ways on how to deactivate one’s account on the platform or delete it all-in-all on the social media platform. All a person needs is to have an active username and password that they still would remember and would be used to re-login their accounts and start the process. 

First, users need to head to the Account Portal on their browser and re-login their respective Snapchat accounts that they want to be deleted. The steps to follow here is login only, and follow the on-screen steps that would be prompted by the account portal and choose to deactivate one’s account on the platform. 

It is important to know that it would only focus on deactivating the account like on Facebook, focusing more on deactivating one’s profile for at least 30 days, and after it has elapsed, it would get deleted. 

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Deactivate or Delete? Choose Your Pick

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That is right, letting an account be deactivated for more than 30 days, it would get deleted immediately by Snapchat and would be free of the username, password, and email accounts that are connected to it. This means that it would be removed on the platform, and would be free of the details like a phone number or email in the account. 

Leaving one’s phone number and email addresses linked on the Snapchat account may be left for breaches and having one’s data be taken by anyone who has access to the platform.

This means that Snapchat and other social media are better to be deleted as it was, and have their account to be registered on a new profile when they decided to go back to the app. 

Snapchat: Is the Social Media Still Used?

Snapchat is cleaning up its platform, and it aims to be a better app than it was before despite the company not having any disputes or issues with its user safety and privacy. However, it has several concerns with regards to a “mole” that can be accessed via the Astrological Profile that a person sets up within the app. 

Nevertheless, Snapchat has a lot of rivals in the platform as well, and it is with Facebook and Instagram Stories, the removed Twitter Fleets, and other platforms that have adopted the 24-hour expiring media. 

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