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'Hey, Disney' Voice Assistant is Coming to Disneyland in 2022

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Capricorn song on Unsplash) ‘Hey, Disney’ Voice Assistant is Coming to Disneyland in 2022

Disney’s own Amazon-based voice assistant is coming in with a huge upgrade. With almost everything already Disney in Disneyland, the company is elevating the experience even more by bringing in a “hey, Disney” voice assistant to Alexa in guests’ bedrooms in Disneyland next year.

Disney Partners with Amazon for ‘Hey Disney’

According to an article by Forbes, both Disney and Amazon have partnered up in order to create a custom voice assistant with the use of the Amazon Alexa technology. The new addition is called “hey, Disney” and can be used on Amazon Echo devices.

The new “hey, Disney” is also going to be featuring thousands of different interactions from popular Disney characters like C-3PO, Mickey Mouse, and Olaf. Users will be able to hear both greetings and jokes from Disney characters.

‘Hey Disney’ with Alexa on Echo Speakers

Disney fans will no longer have to book a trip in order to fly all the way to Florida in order to try Disney’s new Amazon-based voice assistant. As Disney reveals, the company is bringing a new “hey, Disney” voice assistant to their Disneyland hotel rooms in 2022. As of the moment, there is still no specifics as to when the new feature will be launched next year.

In Walt Disney World, the new “hey Disney” voice assistant will be available alongside Alexa in the guests’ room’s Echo speaker and handle requests that range from amenities all the way to stores and jokes. Guests will also be getting more treats and technologies when they visit the park with MagicBand+ wearables that are expected to reach Disneyland in 2022.

MagicBand+ Helps With Contactless Transactions

According to a story by Engadget, guests will be able to use the wristband in order to enter the park and simply make purchases touch-free. They will also be using a mix of lights, haptic feedback, and also gesture control in order to liven up users’ experiences in certain areas.

When it launches, interactions will be specific to Disneyland so users won’t have to worry about any particular rehashed “magic” moments. Both of these additions could help guests save time and could be a really helpful tool to help minimize physical contact during the lingering pandemic.

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Major Update for Disney Hotels

The publication notes that to some degree, the new update is also directed towards the image of parks themselves. With the new move, Disney clearly wants to portray their famous parks as tech-savvy through the help of a combination of voice control with the new wrist-worn devices.

The article by Forbes noted that Walt Disney World hotel rooms have been the subject of conversation due to its lack of major refurbishments at two of Disney’s high-end hotels. With the help of the new “hey, Disney” however, the company is bringing in fresh new interactive technology to its guests.

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