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Hasbro Collaborates With WAX Blockchain to Bring 'Power Rangers' NFT Collectibles

Hasbro has officially entered the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the recent launch of “Power Rangers” collections on The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain. 

The fans of the popular franchise will have another set of digital memorabilia to commemorate the action show.

Hasbro Launches First ‘Power Rangers’ NFT

(Photo : Hasbro Pulse)

Toy maker Hasbro successfully brings ‘Power Rangers’ NFT on the WAX blockchain. Read more about this report.

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According to a report by HypeBeast, the “Power Rangers” franchise has introduced the limited-time NFT through Hasbro Pulse. The announcement about the digital collectibles took place during the official Con event.

Furthermore, those Premium members of the Hasbro Pulse will be granted an exclusive pass to buy the special NFT at the official website.

Hasbro Pulse’s general manager Kwamina Crankson said in a statement that they are thrilled to be WAX’s partner for the release of the first-ever “Power Rangers” NFT collectibles.

“Now, fans will have the opportunity to expand their collections with a unique Power Rangers NFT, uniquely transacted through the blockchain that can be redeemed for a special edition Dino Megazord,” Crankson added.

In return, WAX co-founder William Quigley said that the company had been focused on bringing the NFT innovation to the global stage. As for entertainment, the blockchain has successfully brought one of the most unforgettable brands in the film industry.

Quigley continued that their vIRL technology is a game-changer for all shoppers and collectors. This allows the users to buy non-fungible tokens in the platform and later exchange them for a physical collectible.

There’s a bonus Redemption coin that will be available on the WAX digital wallet. Those who have a redeemable vIRL NFT will have that perk from Nov.1 to 8 for a chance to obtain the Special Edition Megazord.

WAX Blockchain Goes Green With NFTs

Venture Beat wrote in its report that WAX’s main mission is to incorporate digital tokens with an environment-friendly approach. 

The collaboration of the blockchain and Hasbro took many months before being finalized. The initial discussion happened in 2019.

According to the toy company, it has selected WAX because of its unique action for NFT launches. The vIRL token will feature a carbon-neutral component which means that no harm will occur in the environment.

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NFT Movies Are on the Rise

Tech Times reported back in July that NFTs from the most famous movies such as “Twilight,” “John Wick,” and “Mad Max” will be possible through Lionsgate.

At that time, many rumors about the potential partnership of the entertainment company with the Autograph NFT platform surfaced online.

The latter, which was co-created by Tampa superstar Tom Brady, has been on the lookout to bring more sport NFTs to the organization.

Elsewhere, you can create your NFT by only using your smartphone. A famous YouTuber showed last month the following steps you need to do to make this happen.

He recommended the users stick with the NFT Art Maker App, which is available in iOS.

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