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HarmonyOS Potential New Feature Could Help Monitor Blood Pressure

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Mufid Majnun on Unsplash) HarmonyOS Potential New Feature Could Help Monitor Blood Pressure

With the advancement of technology, health has been an industry that tech companies have long tried to help advance. To add, leaks are revealing a potential feature for the HarmonyOS that could help users monitor their blood pressure.

What Does the Leak Reveal?

A leaked image of what supposedly looks like the box for the upcoming Huawei Watch D allegedly reveals that the timepiece will have a blood pressure monitoring feature. With that, the image was uploaded on Weibo by a popular online tipster which was shortly noticed by ItHome.

According to the story by PhoneArena, the box shows a picture of the watch as well as its rectangular screen showing what looks to be results of a blood pressure scan showing a systolic of 118, a diastolic of 78, and also a pulse of 76.

Huawei Watch D HarmonyOS Potential Health Feature

The box also shows yet another clue by including the logo of the HarmonyOS located on the lower right corner of the device’s packaging. To expand, this could mean that Huawei’s very own operating system will be driving the wearable.

ItHome also notes that the Huawei Watch D has also gotten its State Drug Administration Class II medical device registration certificate pointing towards the blood pressure monitoring system being medical-grade or at least based on the standards imposed in China.

How was the HarmonyOS Initially Created

Users will also be getting notifications that remind them when it is time to get another blood pressure reading based on advice from professional health management. To add, as per the original Weibo tipster, the upcoming Huawei Watch D could also be released some time late this December.

The HarmonyOS operating system that is expected to run the upcoming timepiece was originally developed back in 2019 by Huawei when the US Commerce Department put the famed manufacturer under the Entity List due to alleged ties the company had with the Communist Chinese government as per the article by PhoneArena.

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HarmonyOS on Pre-Installed Huawei Tabs, Phones, and Smartwatches

Being on this list meant that Huawei won’t be allowed to use any Google-developed software without getting official approval. With that, Huawei was able to develop HarmonyOS as its own Android replacement and it was initially used on smart TVs before being pre-installed on the official Huawei tablets, phones, and smartwatches.

As of the moment, the world’s most popular watch, the Apple Watch, even with its numerous health sensors, still cannot give its users a blood pressure reading feature. This could mean that the feature will be arriving in 2022 along with other rumored features.

Other Apple features that could arrive in 20222 include a rumored temperature sensor as well as a new eagerly awaited non-invasive blood glucose sensor. To add, Apple has been one of the leading companies that have integrated health features into their smartwatches not just as an unneeded addition but also as a potentially lifesaving solution.

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