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HaptX: Meta Allegedly Copied Haptic Gloves Patent by Company, Seeks Out ‘Equitable Arrangement’

HaptX has spoken out and it is now gunning for Meta which was said to allegedly copy its patent that focuses on a haptic glove, a device that is capable of sending out sensation from a VR or AR experience. Meta has not yet released a statement but HaptX has already presented its side, saying that it is open to working out an “equitable arrangement” with the company.

HaptX: Meta Allegedly Copied Haptic Gloves Patent of Company

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HaptX has released a statement that says Meta has a “substantively identical” haptic gloves release that is comparable with the company’s patent of the same technology. According to The Verge, HaptX has claimed that Meta has allegedly copied the wearable technology, something that has been with the company for a long time now.

The founder and CEO of HaptX, Jake Rubin, has released a statement via the Twitter platform and website of the company, saying that it is welcoming different ventures and technology regarding the AR/VR product. However, Rubin said that the competition should be fair for the industry to “thrive.”

That being said, HaptX is open to collaborating with Meta under an “equitable arrangement” that would benefit both the companies and not violate any patent rights.

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Our statement on Meta’s microfluidic glove prototype

— HaptX (@HaptX) November 16, 2021

Meta Haptic Gloves: Did It Really Copy HaptX?

Meta has not yet released a statement regarding them copying that of HaptX’s technology, and the latter is waiting for the company’s side regarding this issue. It remains an unknown event if Meta or HaptX would push this case into a lawsuit that would require either party to present evidence of their designs, patents, and ownership of the device.

Meta’s AR and VR Ventures for the Metaverse

Meta is fully on-board with its brand and company to focus on futuristic technology like the metaverse and its offers, debuting them now with prototypes and designs that focus on the rising form of entertainment. The company has recently introduced the idea that it is opening up AR or VR retail shops in different countries to make its products involving the metaverse, more accessible.

The focus of Meta in making the metaverse a lifestyle is growing, and Oculus would play a massive role in its introduction as these ventures would soon debut products that would complement the company’s focus. Since the name change of Facebook to Meta, the focus of the company has evolved from social media products into a lifestyle that involves a digital world or space.

The grievances of HaptX with Meta are a massive hindrance to the ventures of the company, especially if the case of the former gets proven to be something copied by Facebook. However, some workarounds can be seen here, something that HaptX themselves have suggested so that Meta can still use it and bring it to the public soon.

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