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'Halo Infinite' In-Game Purchases Are Causing Players To Boycott

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

“Halo Infinite” apparently has very unreasonable prices for the items in its in-game shop, which is causing a lot of players to boycott.

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Photo taken from Halo Infinite Steam page

GamingBible UK reports that the players are calling out the allegedly exorbitant prices you’ll need to pay if you want to personalize your “Halo Infinite” character. A few people calculated just how much it would cost you if you bought everything in the store.

The total cost of the premium in-game cosmetics was over $1,000. With that kind of money, you can buy a lot of things right now considering that massive Black Friday sales are afoot.

Another reason that’s got players so mad is that they can’t even earn in-game currency by playing matches. If they want to customize their character with the premium cosmetics, they’ll have to cough up real world money.

One player was so mad about this that their post on the “Halo” subreddit has already earned over 6,900 upvotes and comments at the time of this writing:

In it, Reddit user GoobyOfPls calls the prices “utterly ridiculous” and “a blatant smack in the face” to people who were allegedly told that the event items would be free.

Among the most expensive items, according to GameRant, was a sword belt that costs $15. This item is also allegedly only usable on one armor core, which players think doesn’t do well to make it look like a good deal.

Furthermore, it was reported that around $35 worth of premium event gear is locked in the “Halo Infinite” in-game store.

“Halo Infinite” released its multiplayer component on November 15, far ahead of its full launch on December 8. This move surprised a lot of players who weren’t expecting the game to come out for almost a month more.

As such, people converged on Microsoft’s second big-name Xbox exclusive for the year, making the next-gen “Halo” title the most-played Xbox game on Steam in history in just under 24 hours, according to GamesRadar.

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Are The Pricey Microtransactions In ‘Halo Infinite’ A Bad Idea?

It always depends on what individual people think of microtransactions as a whole. But with the way players are reacting to this “Halo Infinite” madness, it can be safe to say they’re not too pleased.

Microtransactions have always been a moot point for gamers, and they’ve been controversial enough that major legal battles have been fought over them.

Two years ago, loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransactions were the target of a new bill by US senator Josh Hawley (R-MO). Among the provisions of the legislation is the banning of pay-to-win schemes which encourages people to spend money in order to advance through games faster than normal.

For the case of “Halo Infinite,” however, the pricey microtransactions seems to be the only way Microsoft and Xbox can earn money at this point. The multiplayer mode is currently free-to-play, and players will only have to buy the game at full price when its campaign mode comes out on December 8th.

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