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Hair Botox: What is This? Nicky Clarke Salon Devices New Treatment, Tech for a Healthier, Less Maintenance Hair

Hair Botox is something that is new to the ears and somehow raises an eyebrow with regards to its applications and treatment as the word “botox” already has a connotation for skin use. However, this is a different treatment, and it would help the hair grow stronger and younger, despite the later age of the users.

Anti-aging products are a massive thing, particularly because they bring the promises and takes on a sensitive topic for people, which is their age and the inevitable happening of growing old. That being said, there are a lot of products that focus on this already.

However, health care is not just about looks and appearances. It is also about fitness and maintaining good mental health to be able to carry on and follow through for the future.

Hair Botox: What is It?

Hair Botox is a proprietary treatment that was debuted by the Nicky Clarke Salon in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, which is popular for its services with regards to hair care needs. While it offers a lot of treatment to enhance hair products, one of its highlights is the “Hair Botox” which promises to make hair younger-looking and feeling.

Botox or “Botulinum toxin” is a drug that can paralyze the muscles and in small doses, is used by dermatologists and other doctors to smooth out wrinkles and avoid the aging process of the skin. It can also cure severe underarm sweating, but is known for its poisonous effect when consumed with a condition called “botulism.”

However, it would not use the said toxin or Botox in the case of the hair treatment, and it would use a better approach compared to other hair straightening procedures like keratin and hot oil. Moreover, it would help to bring back life to a hair, in a more natural look that would not require more hair care products.

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Nicky Clarke Salon’s Hair Botox

(Photo : Pexels/Engin Akyurt)

Amazon hair salon in London

Ondine Cowley from Nicky Clarke Mayfair first introduced this treatment and pioneered this in the U.K. She said that she originally got it from Spain, and was adopted to the way hair care works in England, which was a total hit.

Cowley said that it focuses more on treatment rather than injecting toxins into the hair, and it would feel more natural than other treatments present. Moreover, the Nicky Clarke Salon offers this treatment for as much as 350 British Pounds, which is a little pricey for hair treatment.

Nevertheless, the treatment was said to be effective and good for the head’s crowning glory.

Is it Effective, Safe?

The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, and it is a known anti-aging product that can help in keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Other ingredients include shea butter, seed oil, pracaxi oil, and tannin. These products here are known to be used in usual hair products to straighten hair and make it feel healthier.

Moreover, Cowley said that treatment would vary for how a person wants their hair to be straightened out using the treatment before rinsing.

The salon ensures that it is safe and effective, particularly as it uses the usual treatment for hair care and not the legitimate “botox.” It was only called “Hair Botox” because it brings a promise to healthy and younger-looking hair.

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