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'GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition' Reportedly Contains Unlicensed Music, Infamous Minigame Code

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

(Photo : YouTube – Rockstar Games ) Screen capture taken from official trailer – Rockstar Games YouTube

“GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition data miners have uncovered a few interesting things about the newest remaster.

According to IGN, the data miners discovered a few unlicensed songs that were cut from the “GTA Trilogy” because their licenses have expired. While they can’t be played via the in-game radio stations, they’re technically still in there.

Aside from the unlicensed music, the data miners also said they’ve found the code for the controversial sex minigame called “Hot Coffee,” which was found in “GTA San Andreas.”

Back when “San Andreas” released in 2004, it allowed players to have girlfriends and have sex with them. But it wasn’t revealed until a year later that the sex scenes were supposed to be much more “interactive.”

In comes the minigame “Hot Coffee.” With it, the players can actually control Carl’s actions during sex, while also allowing them to explore the girl’s bedroom.

Legal Trouble

The “GTA” series is no stranger to controversy. And the “Hot Coffee” minigame is no exception. Kotaku reports that when players found a way to “reactivate” the minigame within “San Andreas,” it caused massive legal problems–even a handful of congressional hearings.

Both Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive had to deal with issues like class-action lawsuits, court cases, and even a $20 million settlement in 2009.

Eventually, “GTA San Andreas” will be patched to completely remove all traces of the infamous minigame. This allowed it to maintain an “M” (Mature) ESRB rating.

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‘GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition’ and Its Current Problems

To say that the upcoming “GTA Trilogy” remaster has had a troubled launch is a big understatement. It’s been a really rough first few weeks. Around two days ago, players couldn’t even play the games, while the Rockstar Games Launcher also suffered from a few hiccups.

According to IGN, the remastered trilogy was unplayable because the developers were trying to remove files which were “unintentionally included” in the games.

Aside from the playability problems, there are also a wide variety of glitches plaguing the “GTA Trilogy remaster.” It’s become so bad that players are even demanding refunds from Rockstar Games.

Twitter user Salt King posted a few screenshots of NPCs in the remaster which look a little sub-par:

Shout out to @RockstarGames for putting in that extra effort for this #GTATrilogyDefinitiveEdition lmfao 🤣 #staysalty

— Salt King 👑🧂🎮 (@Saltiest_Gaming) November 11, 2021

Frame rate issues are also a widespread problem across all three games included in the remaster. Here’s a series of videos testing “GTA III,” “Vice City,” and “San Andreas” on the PlayStation 5:

As you can see, even the powerful hardware of the PS5 can’t keep the game at a locked 60 FPS. The game is running on the current Day One patch, which is 1.01.

“GTA III,” “San Andreas,” and “Vice City” aren’t modern games by any means, despite all of the visual upgrades. All of them were released during the early 2000s, so they should be easy to run on modern consoles. That’s not the case here.” 

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