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'GTA' Parent Company Take-Two Reveals A Total Of 62 Games Releasing By 2024–Still No 'GTA 6?'

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

“GTA” fans will still have to wait until Rockstar Games, and its parent company Take-Two officially reveal any plans for “GTA 6.” Because it’s going to be a while. 

(Photo : Steam )

Image taken from Grand Theft Auto 5 Steam page

Take-Two Interactive has revealed that they plan to release a total of 62 new games by March 2024, GameSpot reports. They revealed the plan during a recent earnings call. 

The actual plan is to launch these new games by the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, which means it’s going to be March. And a snapshot of the pipeline clearly reveals that their game releases don’t just involve Rockstar Games but other studios under their umbrella: 

(Photo : Take-Two Interactive)

As you can see in the snapshot of the presentation, it also involves studios such as 2K (developers of the massively popular “NBA 2K” series) as well as Private Division; the ones responsible for “Kerbal Space Program” and “The Outer Worlds,” to name a few. 

Take-Two classifies their upcoming game releases a bit differently, writes PCGamer. Their biggest-name games are part of their “Immersive Core,” the next ones in the tier as “Independent,” then “Mid-Core,” then re-releases of previous-generation games. 

Among the biggest games in the “GTA” parent company’s Immersive Core include new “NBA 2K,” “WWE 2K,” and “PGA Tour” releases, “Mafia,” “Bioshock,” and a new “Kerbal Space Program.” 

Notably, however, there’s still absolutely no sign of “GTA 6” anywhere in their “GTA” pipeline. 

All that’s there is the re-release of “GTA 5” for the next-gen consoles (whose trailers have been absolutely bombed by dislikes), “Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition,” and a standalone version of “GTA Online” apparently scheduled to launch in March 2022. 

Releasing 62 games within the next three years is quite ambitious, so Take-Two is bumping up its headcount. The earnings call revealed that they’d increased their total headcount to over 5,000 people–a number that’s been growing for the past few years. 

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Where In The World Is ‘GTA 6?’ 

This has been the question that’s occupied many “GTA” fans’ minds for a while now. And yet, Take-Two and Rockstar Games are still curiously mum about details for the much-anticipated sequel, despite rumors that keep popping up. 

But perhaps this rumor might provide an answer or a clue to its whereabouts. Short answer: it does not look good. 

(Photo : Steam )

Image taken from Grand Theft Auto 5 Steam page

According to an alleged “inside source” within Rockstar Games and Take-Two, “GTA 6” is in development hell, writes Charlie INTEL. 

For the uninitiated, development hell means that a video game has been in development for way too long–sometimes even decades. Famous games that have been in development hell include Sony’s “The Last Guardian,” which was originally intended to be a PS3 exclusive–but eventually released on the PS4. 

As per the original Charlie INTEL report, “GTA 6” is allegedly Rockstar’s “most chaotic project”, and plans for the game have changed “numerous times” over the course of the development. 

If this rumor is true, then “GTA” fans are in for a long wait. 

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