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‘GTA Online’ Halloween 2021: How to Spawn Slashers and Phantom Cars

GTA Online” is having a Halloween event and it brings Los Santos into an event full of thrills, horror, and the macabre, especially as it centers on slashers, haunted cars, and aliens. The base game of “Grand Theft Auto V” is known to have content regarding the alien standoff where Michael De Santa fought off against his hallucinations. 

“Grand Theft Auto Online” has centered on a lot of special content in the past, and that includes the Los Santos Tuners, or the car meet that a lot of gamers have enjoyed and taken part in. 

The game is a popular open-world sandbox where people can feel that they are a hero of their own making, focusing on popular content like heists (Cayo Perico from 2020), which cannot be done in real life. 

‘GTA Online’ Halloween Event 2021

Rockstar Games has announced the “GTA Online” Halloween event of 2021 over a day ago, and it has gotten quite a big reaction online, especially for fans of the title. There would be two focuses in the game, including “The Slashers Event” or the “Phantom Car” spawns.

However, it does not stop there as Alien Survivals are also centered on the title’s Halloween Event, as part of the 2X GTA$ and RP specials offered on popular happenings. 

That being said, Rockstar has focused on bringing spooky content for everyone, something that people can enjoy this Halloween. This is something that was missing in the past year, 2020, where there had not been much of a Halloween event as massive as this from Rockstar Games.

Nevertheless, “GTA Online” is inviting its players to the platform and enjoying the horror-filled experience it has prepared. 

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‘GTA Online’: How to Spawn Slashers

(Photo : Rockstar Games)

Slashers are available all over the game’s map but are only available at certain locations and times. According to Tez2, there are certain needs for a slasher to spawn, and one of the main considerations is time. In-game time should be at 21:00 – 5:00 and it can be done when opening one’s phone. 

Moreover, there are four characters to look out for and it would be:

  • Ski Mask Slasher (Jason Voorhees) spotted around Banham Canyon, Great Chaparral, Vinewood Hills, Tongva Valley
  • Clown Killer (Pennywise) spotted around Los Santos City
  • The Shape (Michael Myers) spotted around Alamo Sea, Mount Chiliad, Paleto Bay
  • Fiery Driver spotted around Redwood Light Tracks and La Puerta, Los Santos

The user should not be armed when encountering these slashers for them to appear, and gamers should be in the so-called slasher zone. An evil laugh or clown laugh track would play when a slasher is nearby. 

The event has a 15-minute cooldown for every kill or every time it starts. 

‘GTA Online’: How to Spawn Phantom Cars

(Photo : Rockstar Games)

Phantom Cars, on the other hand, only needs for a user to be in a session with one or more players, and it would not be available on solo mode. The vehicle would eventually hunt down a player randomly. 

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