Groundbreaking Research Identifies Likely Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease – Potential for New Treatment

Alzheimers Dementia Brain Disease Concept

A likely cause of Protein Made in the Liver May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease in the Brain.

Reference: “Synthesis of human amyloid restricted to liver results in an Alzheimer disease–like neurodegenerative phenotype” by Virginie Lam, Ryusuke Takechi, Mark J. Hackett, Roslyn Francis, Michael Bynevelt, Liesl M. Celliers, Michael Nesbit, Somayra Mamsa, Frank Arfuso, Sukanya Das, Frank Koentgen, Maree Hagan, Lincoln Codd, Kirsty Richardson, Brenton O’Mara, Rainer K. Scharli, Laurence Morandeau, Jonathan Gauntlett, Christopher Leatherday, Jan Boucek, John C. L. Mamo, 14 September 2021, PLOS Biology.

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001358