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Google Tensor vs. Qualcomm Snapdragon: Android Chip That is Better for the Pixel Smartphone

Google Tensor and Qualcomm Snapdragon have both been the chip to the Android OS of the Pixel smartphone lineup, and both have performed exquisitely for the smartphone over the past years. It is known that Google has taken an unexpected turn where it would now be manufacturing its chip with the Tensor and leaving behind the Snapdragon. 

But which is the better fit for the Pixel?

Google vs. Qualcomm

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Google said that the 2016 release of the first Pixel phone has focused on using a CPU from Qualcomm, and that is with the popular Snapdragon chip for Android smartphones. Now, it is aiming to make a name for itself and focus on having its line of smartphone chips, and that is with the Tensor that came out with the latest Pixel 6. 

Tensor Chip vs. Qualcomm Snapdragon’s Performance

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Google Tensor, the first mobile chip of the company.

Both the Tensor and Snapdragon 888 (Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line chip) are 5nm processors for smartphones and specialize in Android.

However, according to Nanoreview, in different aspects of the performance of the chips, the Snapdragon 888 beats the Google Tensor. CPU Performance, Gaming Performance, and Battery Life all list the Snapdragon 888’s win, beating the Tensor chip.

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The Snapdragon 888 also outperforms the Google Tensor on the AnTuTu test by as much as 17 percent. Both chips have an LPDDR5 memory as well. 

It does not indicate that Tensor is a bad processor, as it listed a high-ranking score from the tests, and this is noteworthy as it is only its first outing. It would improve over the years, and it may be the best fit for Google’s smartphone, with a chip made by them.

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Android Smartphone Chips

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Google Piixel 6 phones

Tensor is the first chip made by Google as part of its commitment to a Silicon and homemade semiconductor for its smartphones. It aims to be independent of other companies, and it highly follows the footsteps of Apple with its A-series Bionic chips and Samsung’s Exynos for selected smartphone releases. 

Before this, Google is known to have relied on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Chip, featuring the latest network connectivity of the 5G for later models like the Pixel 4A 5G and later. However, for earlier versions of the Pixel, it also used Qualcomm’s older chips on its lineup.

The reason for Google’s change to its Tensor or having a self-produced chip is that it wants to be independent and invest in a technology that would make them self-sustaining. It would also help in the current problem of chip shortage in the world and having delays when waiting for shipment from Qualcomm.

Nevertheless, the Tensor would improve in the coming years, and it is only at its first steps now. 

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