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God Of War' PC Port Is Being Worked On By A Different Studio—Here's What It Could Mean

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

“God Of War,” one of 2018’s biggest PlayStation exclusives, has finally been announced for PC. However, the usual guys aren’t working on its PC port.

Sony Santa Monica developed the game, but they’re not the ones porting it to PC. That’s the job of Jetpack Interactive, writes Kitguru. Santa Monica, however, is overseeing everything.

Jetpack is not as well-known as other big-name studios out there, but they have a pretty good track record. They have worked on several big games/game franchises for years, with the now-defunct “NBA Live” series among them. They’ve also worked on the PC version of the original “Dark Souls.”

As for the studios they’ve worked with, count the likes of Bandai Namco, Electronic Arts, and Amazon Game Studios among their previous partners.

With the official announcement, “God Of War” will be the first-ever game in the largely PlayStation-exclusive series to come to the PC. The franchise started as one of the most iconic games from the PlayStation 2 era, right up to the PS3 and a remaster of the third game on PS4.

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BANGKOK, THAILAND – 2018/05/24: A Sony PlayStation 4 video game console with a red wireless controller next to it. The PlayStation 4 or PS4 is knows as the eighth generation of home video game console developed by the Japanese company Sony Interactive Entertainment. The console sold for about 74 million units since it was released in November 2013.

It will also be the third AAA-level title from the PlayStation stable to come to PC since “Days Gone” and the equally award-winning “Horizon Zero Dawn.” 

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What Will This Mean For The ‘God Of War’ PC Port?

A quick look at the resume of Jetpack Interactive could yield clues as to what fans could expect from “God of War” on PC.

According to PC Gamer, Jetpack largely served as an engineering support team and not as a leading team. This was their role during the development of the PC version of “Dark Souls.”

While the PC port of “Dark Souls” did not pan out well, that could have easily been FromSoftware’s responsibility, considering that Jetpack Studios played a mostly supporting role in the development.

Still, this might be a bit problematic for PC gamers who are expecting a lot for a game like “God Of War,” which already looked stunning on the last-gen PS4.

While there’s a certainty that the Sony Santa Monica masterpiece would look even more beautiful and perform better on powerful PCs, there could be the potential for performance issues.

This is the problem that has plagued most of the big former PS exclusives that came to Windows in recent times.

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is a perfect example. When the game was released on Steam, lots of the reviews focused on the technical aspects of it and its alleged “poor” port. PC gamers had to deal with massive stuttering, lots of graphical bugs, and just overall sub-par performance.

Things went a bit different with “Days Gone,” however. The PC port for the open-world zombie title was better, though the game didn’t live up to expectations.

With how things turned out better for that game, the upcoming PC port for “God Of War” is indeed looking up. It also helps that Sony Santa Monica is staying on top of the project as much as possible.

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