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General Motors vs Tesla | Plans to Build 40,000 EV Chargers in the US While Selling Its 'Ultium' Level 2 Chargers for Home and Business Use

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(Photo : Image from General Motors vs Tesla | Plans to Build 40,000 EV Chargers in the US While Selling Its ‘Ultium’ Level 2 Chargers for Home and Business Use

General Motors vs. Tesla: GM unveiled plans to build 40,000 EV chargers spread across the United States while selling its own Ultium Level 2 Chargers for home and business use. The company is working with its network of dealers to accomplish this milestone.

General Motors to Install 40,000 EV Chargers

According to the story by The Verge, General Motors is set to work along with its network of dealers to help spur the installation of 40,000 different electric vehicle chargers in the United States as per the company’s announcement. It will also start selling its very own Ultium branded Level 2 chargers for its own home or business use.

GM noted that it now hopes the brand new project will spur the creation of different EV charging stations in certain urban and rural underserved areas. It was stated that the automaker will give each of its own dealers all the way up to 10 Ultium Level 2 destination charging stations.

How GM Differs from Tesla or Volkswagen

This is in order to install throughout their own communities. The automaker, however, does not really plan to pay for all of the whole 40,000 chargers. The company would rather work with its own dealers and community leaders to find the appropriate financing, as per USAToday.

Unlike Volkswagen or Tesla, GM actually does not own its very own EV charging network. It was noted that owners of GM’s very own electric vehicles should instead rely directly on a patchwork of different third-party chargers along with their very own software and other membership requirements.

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Dealer-Community Project to Kick Off in 2022

The whole dealer-community project, which is expected to kick off in 2022, is reportedly part of GM’s very own $750 million commitment to EV charging infrastructure. This has been announced during its own recent Investor’s Day event. GM’s very own zero-emission vehicles are set to arrive soon as the company still does not plan to rely on electric power.

Although it does not remain the same kind of financial commitment as Tesla or Volkswagen, it still does signal that the company has holistic thinking when it comes to EV ownership. Both Tesla and Volkswagen have reportedly spent billions in order to create a nationwide network of public EV chargers.

The lead architect of EV infrastructure at GM, Alex Keros gave a statement. It was noted that when one thinks about the hill, they have to climb for customers to access charging in all communities. This means that this does not include just the ones that have been early adopters. It was noted that they need a lot. General Motors are planning to invest in California for lithium supply to be used for EV batteries.

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