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Gaming Industry Trends 2021-2025: Biggest Changes That Will Shape the World of Gamers

The gaming industry has been quickly evolving over the past years. Before, people could only play on limited consoles, but now the next-gen gaming machines allow cross-playability.

The gaming scene is indeed subject to abrupt changes and it will continue to develop in the next four to five years. 

If you are wondering what are the most important trends in the field of gaming, here’s a dedicated list that you can check to know what’s going on right now.

Biggest Gaming Industry Trends in the Next Few Years 

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Here are the most major trends in the gaming industry that we could potentially see from 2021 and beyond.

Early Access Feature

A previous study entitled “An empirical study of early access games on the Steam platform” indicated that nearly 15% of the Steam games offer early accessibility.

Modern gamers want to feel the early vibe of the game that’s why the developers need to catch up fast with them. The “Early Access” feature has become a standard for game makers and it is expected to boom in the following years after 2021.

The perk in this trend for the games is they could play the game in advance. In return, the developers could identify the flaws of the game to address the areas of improvement.

There’s a reason why “Early Access” exists. This collaboration has glued the relationship between the developers and the target consumers for the establishment of a high-quality game.

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Cloud Gaming Expansion

According to a report by Invision Community, cloud gaming has impacted game streaming when it comes to real-time reference. 

Origin Writings tech writer Ricky Winfield said that downloading a new game could take some time. It even gets harder if there is insufficient space for your computer or gaming console to occupy the new game.

Gamers are not only the ones benefiting from cloud gaming. In fact, the developers are enjoying this prestigious advantage since they could earn money from the old games.

Indie Gaming is Growing Faster

Indie games are what classic gamers want to seek amid the popularity of the next-gen games. Indie game publishers love to launch this type of game on modern platforms such as Steam to reach out to more consumers.

If you have played “Stardew Valley” or “Roblox” before, you can finally say that you have been a significant part of the subject. Independent game developers can operate without help from big publishers in the industry.

So far, we have seen massive success for these two games. Many gamers are looking forward to playing them on different platforms as developers create developments according to customers’ feedback.

The Rise of Next-Gen Consoles

The past generation of gamers enjoys their experience by playing on machines on arcades and even old consoles such as Game Boy and NES. Now, what the players want to embrace is the trend revolving around PS5, Xbox Series X, and other advanced consoles.

Somehow, the landscape of the gaming world is completely dominated by these two consoles. In the meantime, we should also remember that Nintendo Switch continues to post impressive sales over the past years.

For tech giants, the console wars are a never-ending battle of developments. From software to hardware changes, companies continue to proactively conceptualize ideas for their products.

Remakes and Reboots in Full Circle

Exploding Topics exemplified that a major top-selling rebooted game last year is “Crash Bandicoot,” as per NPD. On the other hand, “Final Fantasy” also released a remake for its VII version. Later, it also topped the gaming charts.

The gaming industry is gradually keeping up with the launch of reboots and remakes lately. There’s a catch here: they miss the opportunity of releasing a new game.

The developers aim to deliver nostalgia to the fans by bringing a newly-polished game that they once loved. There’s no doubt that a surge of remastered games will push through 2021 and beyond.

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