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GameStop Xbox Series X Restock Tagged as 'Black Friday Deal' At $499

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Anthony Choren on Unsplash) GameStop Xbox Series X Restock Tagged as ‘Black Friday Deal’ At $499

GameStop sold an Xbox Series X restock while tagging it a “Black Friday Deal” at $499. The console was required to pick up in store but was already sold out the moment it became available.

Xbox Series X Restock Online

Purchasing the Xbox Series X has become extremely difficult despite already a year into its launch. The console has been known to stay on the shelves for a matter of seconds before instantly being sold out.

One frustrating reality is that scalpers have made the playing field unfair for regular buyers through the use of bots to place in orders for new Xbox Series X restock or PS5 restock waves in a matter of seconds or microseconds, as per an article by TechRadar. Scalpers have long been used to purchase certain products like Sneakers and much coveted GPUs.

Regular Buyers Vs Scalpers

Aside from scalpers, regular buyers also have to compete with one another when it comes to purchasing new Xbox Series X stock online. One way for a buyer to improve their chances to purchase the console is through following Xbox Series X tracker Twitter accounts.

Xbox Series X tracker accounts work by providing updates whenever a new restock is available online and where buyers might be able to purchase it. One problem, however, is if buyers haven’t prepared or do not have accounts for the online retailers selling the console.

Aside from just placing the order, one problem that a lot of buyers had was checking out. Since some accounts either weren’t verified or did not have enough checkout information provided, some buyers were left with the console in the cart but couldn’t check out due to the lack of information.

Global Chip Shortage to Last Until 2022

The main reason for the lack of availability when it comes to certain consoles and other electronics is the ongoing global chip shortage. According to an article by GamesRadar, AMD CEO and president Lisa Su said that the situation “will get better in 2022” despite supplies remaining tight and “likely tight” during the first half of next year.

According to the original report by The Verge, AMD CEO Lisa Su “downplayed” the impact of crypto during the 2021 Code Conference. In relation to crypto, due to China’s crackdown, the prices of GPUs have started to slowly stabilize.

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2023 Could be a Better Year

The AMD CEO announced that things would get better next year “gradually” as “more plants” are expected to come up. Lisa Su addressed the ongoing global chip shortage onstage, giving claims that things could lighten up in the second half of 2022.

In an article by CNBC, the co-head of Asia-Pacific technology, media, and telecom research at JPMorgan, Gokul Hariharan, supported the claims that 2023 could be a better year. As per Hariharan, they are not expecting 2023 “to be in supply shortage” while saying 2022 could be “a little more tricky.”

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