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GameStop PS5 Restock Schedule October 29, 2021 | Bundle Available at Select Stores

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) GameStop PS5 Restock Schedule October 29, 2021 | Bundle Available at Select Stores

Despite almost a year after its launch, the famed console remains extremely difficult to purchase due to both the scarce supply and the existence of scalpers jacking up the prices. Luckily, every once in a while, a new PS5 restock pops up out of the blue, providing buyers a chance to purchase the console.

PS5 Restock Scalper Prices

Ever since its launch, the supply for the PS5 restock has been problematic due to the console only releasing in waves that are significantly apart from each other. While buyers already have to deal with the limited supply, another reason why it has become difficult to purchase is due to scalpers jacking up the prices of the PlayStation 5.

Scalpers reportedly buy out massive amounts of these PS5 restocks and proceed to sell the console at higher prices. Due to buyers having difficulty purchasing the stock right away, some of them have given in and bought these consoles at higher prices.

Drop in Scalper Prices by 30%

Luckily, the whole situation has reportedly changed a little bit. According to the story by Forbes, scalper prices have reportedly gone down by 30% despite the current scarcity in console supply. This can be seen as the hype for the new PS5 restock has slowly started to fade.

As of the moment, a new PS5 restock pops out every once in a while on different online retailers. There is an advantage when it comes to knowing where the new restock might drop. One thing that has held back buyers is not knowing where new restock is expected to drop.

Buying the PS5 Restock Online

Not knowing where a new PS5 restock would drop means that buyers won’t be able to put in their order right away without an account with that specific online store. Once buyers have accounts to certain online stores where the PS5 restock is expected to drop, they will be able to put in an order for the restock as soon as it drops.

It is important to follow PS5 restock trackers online in order to get notifications whenever a new restock drops online. This way, buyers will be able to put in an order as soon as a new restock drops. For those that were huge fans of “Stardew Valley,” the developer has been working on a new game called “Haunted Chocolatier.

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Where to Buy PS5 Restock Online

Just recently, a new GameStop PS5 restock just spotted online. The upcoming restock, as announced by PS5 Stock Alerts Twitter account, the expected restock will be PS5 bundles that would be available for purchase at certain stores in San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville, Detroit, Raleigh, and Philadelphia.

The PS5 bundle restock event is said to drop on October 29, 2021, so for gamers wanting to finally buy the console, it is important to move fast when the PS5 restock drops online. Just recently, a Walmart PS5 restock was also spotted but limited purchases to just one per household.

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