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‘Fortnite’ Spider-Man’s Web-Slinging Gets Praises from Users—Miles Morales Skin Teased?

“Fortnite” Spider-Man’s web-slinging has been getting praises from its users, along with other bystanders, since it introduced the Marvel hero in Chapter 3 of Epic Games’ battle royale gaming title.

(Photo : LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images)

This illustration picture shows the video game Fortnite logo displayed on a tablet in Paris, on February 18, 2019.

‘Fortnite’ Spider-Man’s Web-Slinging Gets Praises

Spider-Man’s arrival in Chapter 3, Season 1 of “Fortnite” came along with new mechanics from the “friendly neighborhood” hero.

It allows its players to use the web to swing and slide in the battle royale game, mimicking the moves of the web-slinging hero, as per the report by IGN.

The webs of Peter Parker in Chapter 3 of the battle royale now stick to the buildings found in the “Fortnite” map.

It is in contrast to the former iteration of Spider-Man in Chapter 2 of the game, wherein it only awkwardly sticks to the air.

Not only does the new web sticking mechanics make more sense, but “Fortnite” also gave Spider-Man’s web-swinging action a better animation, giving it more fitting direction and momentum.

On top of that, the friendly neighborhood web-slinger could also do his web surfing skills on “Fortnite.”

All Spider-Man has to do is to stick his web on the rear side of a vehicle in the map as it drives away, which pulls the Marvel hero forward, just like how he does in the blockbuster films.

Some Fortnite users on Twitter say that the web-swinging mechanics of Spider-Man in “Fortnite” really gives its players an experience of being the Marvel hero with its impressive swinging action.

Fortnite really makes you feel like Spider-Man

— Spider-Samus (@Samus_OW) December 6, 2021

‘Fortnite’ Spider-Man Web-Swing Coming to All Characters

That said, Epic Games’ “Fortnite” announced that the web-swing ability of Spider-Man is also coming to any character in the battle royale game. Yes, any character will now be able to swing like Spider-Man in the game as they earn the web-swing ability of the Marvel hero starting Dec. 11.

Spider-Man and Xbox, PC

IGN further noted in the same report that “Fortnite’s” offering of Spider-Man is notable for gamers who are using an Xbox or PC as their gaming rig. It comes as the modern games that sport the Marvel superhero could only be played on the PlayStation 5 or the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Xbox and PC users are left behind, but thanks to the arrival of Spider-Man to “Fortnite” gamers in the said platforms could now experience playing the “friendly neighborhood” hero.

(Photo : by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images) A giant inflatable Spider-Man is displayed on the red carpet for the Spider-Man: Far From Home World premiere at the TCL Chinese theatre in Hollywood on June 26, 2019.

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‘Fortnite’ Miles Morales Coming?

On the other hand, according to the news story by GameSpot, “Fortnite” Miles Morales’ skin has been teased on the Chapter 3 map of the game. Not to mention that the teaser also includes Spider-Man’s nemesis, Green Goblin. The teaser is seen on The Daily Bugle, which is the headquarters for the newspaper company in the Marvel universe, from the “Fortnite” Chapter 3 map.


On the map, there are several teasers for Spider-Man characters that aren’t In-Game yet, such as many classic X-Men & Green Goblin!

Could these be *SOME* of the next Spider-Man-related skins?

(Thanks to @GranbeFN for sending me this in DMs!)

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) December 5, 2021

The desk from The Daily Bugle showed photos of Green Goblin and even Miles Morales wearing a hoodie. As such, “Fortnite” players could likely get to play the two characters as well in the coming days.

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