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‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3 Update Leaks New Map Ahead of Reveal, What to Expect on New Content?

“Fortnite” is soon upgrading to Chapter 3, a major change in the game’s landscape since it was first released, and it was said that a map leak has happened, showing the new content of the battle royale before it launches. Epic Games is known for creating specific maps for different crossovers that would focus on special offers, but now comes speculation for the base game’s new map look.

‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3: Map Leaks Ahead of Reveal from Epic Games

(Photo : Fortnite via Twitter)

There have been subtle hints and teases by “Fortnite’s” Chapter 3 with regards to the next massive update it would bring to the game, something which is a known thing that Epic Games would do. However, the game’s focus now is to make sure that its transition would go smoothly especially if it soon comes through for the title.

RUMOR: This *MIGHT* be our first glimpse at the Chapter 3 map!

According to u/Edmire2k on Reddit, Epic have been working on the Chapter 3 map for a while now. They have made a concept based on what they have heard & seen.

— Fortnite News (@SentinelCentral) October 25, 2021


A rumor from a Twitter account that calls itself “Fortnite News,” said that there has been a leak for the new map of “Fortnite” which is coming on Chapter 3. The map shows something which has been speculated by a Redditor named u/Edmire2k, which now puts the map as a more circular main island, with new islands surrounding it, something that can be explored greatly on Create Mode.

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‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3: When Is it Coming?

“Fortnite’s” Chapter 3 was said to be looking at a release before the year ends, but since this is also a rumor, there are no specific dates that are mentioned in this leak, apart from December 4. There have been subtle hints by Epic Games, but it has not yet announced it formally, with December 4 being the “end” of Chapter 2.

The conclusion event guarantees the end of Chapter 2 but has not said when it would debut the next one.

‘Fortnite’ and Its Content Now

The latest character to crossover with “Fortnite” is from Japan’s popular Manga anthology series known as “Shonen Jump,” Naruto Uzumaki, and all his raunchy character that blends well in the battle royale. It makes sense as different comic book characters have also joined the game, with the likes of Batman, Flash, Marvel’s Avengers, and more.

There has been a lot of crossover for “Fortnite” and Epic Games now, with the many seasons that Chapter 2 has received and remained as the base game there is for its offers. Now, there have been speculations and rumors that the company would soon debut an update of the next chapter of “Fortnite,” leaving behind the old for its latest content.

Chapter 3 is the next-in-line, something that would help in changing the overall structure or foundations of “Fortnite” as a battle royale game, especially with its map and other certain entities in the title. However, its goal is not to change the game all-in-all, but to bring new content for the title especially with a new chapter that is different from its seasons.

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