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‘Fortnite’ Adds Marvel Comics’ Dark Phoenix After Other X-Men Characters Previously Appeared

Fortnite’s Dark Phoenix skin brought Marvel Comics’ Jean Grey as a playable character in the battle royale game of Epic Games in a surprise release.

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This illustration picture shows Epic Games’ Fortnite loading on a smartphone in Los Angeles on August 14, 2020. – Apple and Google on August 13, 2020 pulled video game sensation Fortnite from their mobile app shops after its maker Epic Games released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the tech giants.

It is actually not the first time that Marvel Comics and Epic Games’ Fortnite teamed up with a crossover.

However, unlike the previous release of other X-Men characters in the popular battle royale title, the release of the Dark Phoenix to “Fortnite” did not have any initial cross-promotion teasers.

‘Fortnite’ Adds Marvel Comics’ Dark Phoenix

Instead, in a “Fortnite” fashion, the new X-Men playable character suddenly appeared in the battle royale game.

That said, the skin of Dark Phoenix could now be purchased in the in-game shop of “Fortnite.”

It comes just shortly after “Fortnite” announced that Naruto is joining the Battle Bus, as per the report by Game Pur.

It is worth noting that a few hours before the Epic Games surprisingly included Jean Grey as a playable character in the game, a prominent leaker hinted about it.

‘Fortnite’ Leak and Dark Phoenix Skin

According to the news story by, the regular “Fortnite” leaker, known as HYPEX, revealed that a “The Phoenix Force Set” is likely coming to the battle royale in advance.

HYPEX further suggested that it could mean that another X-Men character, Jean Grey, is joining the battle royale game.

ComicBook further noted in the same report that the leak could be a possible crossover as “Fortnite” has previously been home to other characters from the X-Men, wherein Jean Grey or Dark Phoenix belongs, including Storm and Wolverine.

It is to note that before Naruto’s official release in “Fortnite,” leakers have also discovered about it via the code of the game. Much like how HYPEX learned about the possibility of Dark Phoenix’s arrival.

Fortnite x Marvel’s Dark Phoenix Skin: What to Expect

The surprise crossover between “Fortnite” and Marvel added a Jean Grey outfit to the battle royale game.

(Photo : from Marvel Comics Website )

“Fortnite’s” Dark Phoenix skin brings Marvel Comics’ Jean Grey to the the battle royale game of Epic Games after other X-Men characters previously appeared.

Players of the game could get the cosmetic outfit of Jean Grey, aka Dark Phoenix, in a bundle. It includes the Dark Phoenix skin, the Phoenix Force back bling that gives the character a fiery phoenix effect, and a loading screen featuring the Dark Phoenix and other “Fortnite” characters.

Outside the Dark Phoenix bundle is a Rising Phoenix emote, which is being sold separately in the in-game store.

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Fortnite’s Dark Phoenix Skin: How to Get

As mentioned, the Dark Phoenix skin along with the other cosmetics are now available in the in-game store of “Fortnite.”

The bundle, which includes the skin, the Phoenix Force back blog, and the loading screen of the Wrath of the Phoenix, will cost you 1,500 V-Bucks, the “Fortnite” game currency, as per ToyMatrix.

On the other hand, the Dark Phoenix emote is priced at 300 V-Bucks.

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