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Ford Launches Tesla Lookalike Charging Stations

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Markus Spiske on Unsplash) Ford Launches Tesla Lookalike Charging Stations

Ford is launching their own charging stations that look identical to the already popular Tesla Supercharger. Ford might be launching their stations similar to Tesla in design, but when it comes to approach, the company is taking another route.

Ford Launches Its Own Charging Network

According to the story by Electrek, Ford has finally started installing its charging stations that look very similar to the Tesla Supercharger. The automaker still insists that they are copying the design and not copying Tesla’s business model.

The popular Dearborn-based automaker has started making big moves moving into the EV space. The largest move the company is taking is its latest Mustang Mach-E electric SUV as well as the upcoming F-150 pickup truck.

Ford Announces Partnership with Electrify

Ford has made strong announcements about partnering up with Electrify and Ionity along with other charging networks when it comes to the charging infrastructure to support the new EVs. This is the company’s move to amp its charging infrastructure in order to support its new upcoming electric vehicles.

The model has long been adopted by virtually every other automaker except for the popular Tesla, which has gone on its own and deployed its fast-charging network. Tesla calls their charging network the Supercharger network.

Tesla Supercharger Lookalike

As of the moment, it seems like the company is going to deploy these new charging stations at their Ford dealership stores. A number of EV drivers have shared images of Ford’s new stations on Plugshare.

The current resemblance with the Tesla Supercharger stops located at the pedestal, however, is actually because they are level 2 charging stations instead of DC fast chargers. Electrek noted that as they previously suggested when they initially saw the charging stations, Ford should actually just copy Tesla’s implemented business model for the Supercharger network instead of just the design for the company’s stalls.

Why Tesla’s Supercharger Model Works

The Tesla Supercharger network remains recognized as the “best DC fast-charging” in the whole world. This is mostly because Tesla has been able to build it around a really good EV ownership experience and not directly as a profit center.

Tesla has focused on building their Supercharger stations in locations that allow long-distance travel, which most of the time directs to remote locations. The company built a lot of stalls per location in order for drivers to avoid long wait times and make the charging experience faster.

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Other Companies Catching Up to Tesla

These are all the things that third-party networks, which a lot of other automakers have long been relying on, cannot really do. It boils down to not being a good business model to have a lot of stalls sitting empty during the majority of the time.

The publication notes that third-party networks, just like Electrify America and EVgo, however, are slowly catching up. Tesla, on the other hand, has already proven that its model has been the most successful so far.

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