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Flytrex Drone Food Delivery Service Expands to Holly Springs, North Carolina

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Flytrex Drone Food Delivery Service Expands to Holly Springs, North Carolina

A drone delivery company known as Flytrex is now expected to expand its drone delivery service to Holly Springs, North Carolina. It was stated that the company has actually started delivering food coming from restaurants that are owned by Brinker International, which would include Chili’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and It’s Just Wings.

Flytrex Drone Food Delivery Service

According to the story by ZDNet, Flytrex noted that the effort was actually part of a partnership that was made between Causey Aviation Unmanned, the known Federal Aviation Administration, The Town of Holly Springs, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and Kite Realty Group Trust.

The drone company noted that it was delivering food from the town center of Holly Springs to both backyards as well as front yards in the Forest Springs neighborhood. It was noted that the service is only for dozens of different households that opted into it.

CEO Yariv Bash Gives Statement

CEO of Flytrex, the CEO of Yariv Bash noted that they were eager to demonstrate the benefits of drone delivery to different residents and businesses in North Carolina. Bash gave a statement noting that they are soaring into a brand new age in which actual smart cities can harness the immense power of drones to maximize efficiency and feed consumers’ growing appetite for on-demand deliveries.

This is all while reducing their carbon footprint. Through the use of the Flytrex app, users can actually order food and even track the status of their own order. The food is now lowered from a wire into back or even front yards, and there are already some plans to expand the service directly over the next few months.

Testing Delivery Drones

Mayor Dick Sears of Holly Springs noted that town residents were excited to see how the whole drone delivery service works and added that people of the town pride themselves on embracing innovations. It was said that Holly Springs already has about 25,000 residents. A drone delivery research got major funding after China’s Meituan was able to secure $10 billion.

Flytrex is known to be part of one of the nine different programs across the US that the FAA chooses to test out commercial drone use when it comes to National Air Space. North Carolina reportedly has been a hub for drone testing, particularly for those seeing whether drone deliveries of food and packages are viable.

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Flytrex in North Carolina

Flytrex noted that Holly Springs had become the third location in North Carolina where they officially operate. In September 2020, they started conducting deliveries of groceries, household items, and even food in Fayetteville. A drone was also used to deliver lungs for transplant from hospital to the hospital while taking just six minutes to complete the delivery.

They then decided to expand the deliveries into the town of Raeford, which is located close to Fayetteville. They have then conducted thousands of different deliveries and were also approved by the FAA in order to expand their operation in North Carolina in April 2021.

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