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Fitbit is Testing Sleep Animals, a Feature to Help With Your Sleep Pattern

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Fitbit’s Sleep Score is one of the company’s best metrics that people like to compare and improve on. The health device is now testing a new feature called Sleep Animals. It is a friendly and smart way to encourage better sleep health.

Fitbit Sleep Animals

At the moment, the feature requires users to have Fitbit Premium, but not all subscribers can see them yet because it is still in beta version, according to 9to5Google.

Once it is rolled out to every user’s account, it can be activated by visiting the Sleep page, and it will reveal a new card-in between the top bar graph and the daily score.

The beta feature is available for a limited time and to a couple of Fitbit Premium subscribers. The feature will need a Premium membership to work, according to iGamesNews.

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The Six Sleep Animals

Currently, there are six Fitbit Sleep Animals that are available, and this feature is expected to progress in the near future, according to Forbes.

The feature will include a graphic of your creature sleeping and a paragraph describing why their sleeping pattern is similar to yours. It will also give you advice on how to improve your sleeping pattern, and you will be assigned an animal monthly.

The first Sleep Animal is a tortoise. This animal will be assigned to users who do not fall asleep easily and stay awake in bed for minutes, even hours. This animal is also for those who get a great amount of sleep if they do doze off.

The next Sleep Animal is a parrot. This animal will be assigned to those who have lively attention spans and a lot of energy. It is also for those whose bodies tend to move around a lot while sleeping.

The third Sleep Animal is a hedgehog. This animal is for those who have short and light sleep at night. This is for users who get a lower amount of deep sleep, and they usually get less sleep than is needed. They do tend to fall asleep easily, but they do wake up from time to time during the night.

The fourth Sleep Animal is a giraffe. This animal is for users who get a short amount of sleep compared to other people. This is for those who tend to have few long awakenings, and they have a higher proportion of dream sleep or REM. However, they might not be getting as much sleep as they need.

The fifth Sleep Animal is a dolphin. This is for users who find it difficult to turn their brains off for sleep. They tend to sleep in chunks which makes their sleep quality uneven. This could be because they are tired from light sleep at night and need to take naps in the afternoon.

The last Sleep Animal is a bear. The bear is assigned to users who sleep soundly at night. This is for those who sleep well through the night with very few long awakenings and an elevated amount of deep sleep.

Fitbit also recently added a sleep tracker to its device to track the amount of sleep you get every night.

Also, Fitbit added a feature that will record your snoring to let you know if you need to get a check-up.

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