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'Far Cry 6' Players Are Being 'Mocked' by the Game's Main Villain For Quitting

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

“Far Cry 6” players have been getting some surprise emails lately from an “unexpected” source.

The emails seem to have come from the main villain of “Far Cry 6,” Anton Castillo, who is played by “Breaking Bad” star Giancarlo Esposito. According to IGN, the emails which are signed “El Presidente” are being sent to players who have quit playing the game earlier than expected.

Journalist Brendan Sinclair on Twitter posted a few screenshots of the emails:

A lot of games are already ruthlessly designed to maximize engagement, but now they email and hassle you if you dare to stop playing them.

— Brendan Sinclair (@BrendanSinclair) October 26, 2021

As the screenshots show, the emails are indicating how many hours the game has been played by a specific person, along with a message that reads, “surely you can do better than this.”

Other messages read, “it was amusing watching you fail.”

Ubisoft obviously sent the emails as part of the overall marketing campaign for “Far Cry 6,” which launched recently for both last-gen and current-gen consoles, as well as PC.

But apparently, they’re not only sending the emails to people who have quit playing. Some players who are still going through the game have also received emails of a similar nature:

They also do it if you play

— Illegaldesi Gaming (@illegaldesi) October 26, 2021

Some users on social media, however, are not that amused with the in-character marketing tactic. According to a few tweet replies, users aren’t fond of receiving the emails out of the blue “without their input.”

Sinclair even tweeted that game companies should “normalize letting people stop playing a game if they’re not enjoying it.”

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‘Far Cry 6’ and Its Big Focus on the Villain

Giancarlo Esposito featured prominently in the main marketing videos for “Far Cry 6,” leading up to the game’s release.

In a series of videos uploaded by Ubisoft, Esposito was shown answering fan questions about the game, as well as demonstrating one of the game’s core mechanics: “Resolver.”

There was even a video of him giving really bad advice on how to play “Far Cry 6” players, writes PC Gamer.

With these videos, Ubisoft was really focusing on the legacy of the “Far Cry” series as a whole: their larger-than-life, compelling baddies, alongside a massive open world for players to romp about.

This was something that the first-person shooter franchise began with the cult classic “Far Cry 3” back in 2012. They continued with the formula until 2018’s “Far Cry 5.”

As such, these villains are even the focus of major “Far Cry 6” Season Pass content, which featured former baddies Vaas Montenegro (“Far Cry 3”), Pagan Min (“Far Cry 4”), and Joseph Seed (“Far Cry 5”).

Esposito’s Anton Castillo is the latest addition to this vaunted roster of iconic video game villains, and it’s where his renowned skills as an actor was put to work–in a very different medium from TV or film, too.

While a lot of the reviews for Ubisoft’s latest first-person romp in a tropical island are mixed at best, many of them have been praising Esposito’s portrayal of Castillo.

Have you received an email from El Presidente yet?

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