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'Fancy Girls' NFT Collection to Launch on Oct. 29, Play-to-Earn Game in the Works

“Fancy Girls,” a collection of 10,000 NFTs, is set to launch on October 29. Each NFT costs 0.99 Solana (SOL) to mint.

A play-to-earn game is currently in the works. The game will have a mobile version as well as a web version. More collections to be released in the future can also be expected.

“Fancy Girls” is the latest example of NFT collections that are based on people. Examples of people-based NFTs include “Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club,” “Crypto.Chicks,” “CryptoDads,” and “ONE Shogun.”

‘Fancy Girl’ NFTs to Launch on Oct. 29

— Fancy Girls NFT // Mint 06/11 (@fancygirls_nft) October 26, 2021

“Fancy Girl,” a collection of 10,000 stylish female NFTs, is set to launch on October 29 at 10:00 p.m. UTC. Each NFT costs 0.99 SOL to mint. “Fancy Girl” joins other NFT collections that are scheduled for launch on October 29. Based on a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFT collections that will be released for minting on the said date include “Buried Loot,” “Pirates of the Arrland,” and “Metaverse Marauders.” The “Fancy Girl” NFTs will feature over 220 unique traits and items that vary in rarity, according to its official website. Available traits and the corresponding number of possibilities are as follows:

  • Background – 20
  • Hair – 22
  • Sleeve – 12
  • Earring – 8
  • Top – 18
  • Skirt – 90
  • Shoes – 22
  • Tattoo – 24
  • Stocking – 34
  • Accessory – 58
  • Necklace – 23

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Play-to-Earn Game in the Works and Future Plans

— Fancy Girls NFT // Mint 06/11 (@fancygirls_nft) October 26, 2021

A play-to-earn NFT game is also in the works, according to the “Fancy Girls” website. “Players can design their looks with unique items, mint NFT and earn,” the website reads.

Per a tweet posted on its official Twitter account, videos and screenshots of the upcoming mobile game are already available. The tweet has also teased that a web version of the play-to-earn game is coming soon.

The “Fancy Girls” website also mentions that more collections will be launched in the future.

People-Based NFT Collections

The “Fancy Girls” NFT collection is the latest example of NFT collections that are based on people.

It is also the newest example of NFTs that are based on women. Examples of such NFT collections include “Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club” and “Crypto.Chicks,” which launched on September 23.

Other examples of NFT collections that are placed on people include the ninja and samurai NFTs of “ONE Shogun” and “CryptoDads.” Similar to “Fancy Girls,” “CryptoDads” is also set to have its own NFT game.

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