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Facts about how Composite Materials Are Manufactured

(Photo : Facts about how Composite Materials Are Manufactured)

If you have seen concrete, then you know composite material. Concrete, like other composite materials, is solid and durable. Another kind of composite material is a wood-plastic composite. Unlike wood, wood-plastic composite is strong and has a high strength to weight ratio. But what makes composite materials like wood-plastic composite stronger than traditional wood? To know the answer, we have to consider five facts about how composite materials are manufactured.

What Is a Composite Material?

A composite material is a material that contains a combination of two or more materials. This new composite formed has physical properties that are different from that of the materials used to make it. Engineers are increasingly using composite materials in construction. This is because composites are stronger than non-composite. Aside from that, composite is lightweight. When composites are used to build a structure, they won’t add much weight to it. The strength to weight ratio of composites is high. This means that composites are strong and light at the same time. There are two types of constituent materials that are used to make composites. The materials are matrix and reinforcement materials. 

Facts about how Composites Are Made

Composites do not refer to one particular material. It is a broad name that refers to a material made from combining two or more materials. There are several composites available, and they are made differently. Concrete, for example, is made by combining cement and sand, while wood plastic composite is made from plastic and wood. To know the five facts about how composites are made, we will consider each composite material and how they are made. 

Composites Take Different Form After Manufacturing

After combining and heating the constituent materials in a factory, the result will take a different form from the original materials. Wood-plastic composite is an example. When wood is combined with plastic, it forms an entirely different material with an improved look than wood and plastic. If you desire to know more, you can have a look at Compositewatehouse UK store. They deal with different kinds of composites. Composites such as decking, fencing and cladding are parts of the material Compositewarehouse UK deals with. The composite decking is heated in a factory and has an entirely different look from wood. The improved appearance of composite decking makes homeowners prefer this kind of composite over traditional timber.

Composite Materials Contains Two or more Materials.

One fact about how composites are manufactured is that making composites involves using two or more materials. No matter the type of composite material, it will have more than one constituent. Wood-plastic composite has plastic and wood dust as its continent material. Concrete has sand and cement as its continent materials. Alloy is a combination of different metals. Mudbrick is a combination of clay and sand. So, for a material to be referred to as composite, it must contain more than one constituent.

The Materials Used to Make Composites Have Different Properties

Another fact about how composites are manufactured is that the continents have different properties. The materials in composites complete each other’s shortcomings. For example, wood-plastic composite has wood which is a good structural material as its constituent. Also, it has plastics which do not absorb water as its constituent. Wood will absorb water, so it needs plastic to make it waterproof. A composite material can contain a material that compresses well and another that stretches well to form a compressible and stretchable material.

The Constituent Materials Are Heated

Another fact about composite is that the materials used to make it are heated. Mudbrick is one example of a widely used composite. The clay and straw used to make the brick are heated till they get the hard brick structure. Composite decking is another composite. The wood and plastics are heated in a factory until they form composite boards. The process of heating the continent makes them combine. Carbon fibre is another kind of composite that contains carbon fibre and plastic, which are heated.

Most Composite Requires a Bonding Agent

Composites like composite decking require a binding or bonding agent to hold the two materials in place. A strong adhesive is used to hold the wood dust and plastics used to make composite decking. In plywood, glue is used to bond softwood together to form a flexible and soft composite.


Although there are different kinds of composite materials, their means of manufacture are similar. They contain two or more materials, and they are stronger and better than the original constituents.

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